Rendille Outreach

February 3, 2018

Judith and Peter praise God for bringing the Rendille Outreach through many troubles and victories in 2017. They want to trust Him now for 2018. May He be pleased to grant them relief from troubles, peace and the "fruits of the Spirit." Help them to complete recording of the 8-hour Rendille SD card for evangelism in the North. Starting this school term, Kenya has a new school curriculum at both primary and secondary levels. Thank God for private schools being given freedom not only to choose their religious stance, but also to be protected from any other faith or lifestyle claiming freedom to proselytize private school children. The government pays for a Head Teacher and Deputy and gives the school the right to choose the Heads from available lists; may the Christian ones they have chosen from the available lists for the Baalah School be happy in the new culture and hardship area they find themselves in, adapt well, keep healthy, and be a blessing to the children.

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