Frontline Report: The Durands in Chile

March 8, 2018

“…their shield is departed from them, and the Lord is with us, fear them not.” —Numbers 14:9b Geneva Bible 1599

Dear Christian Friends,

As Joshua and Caleb encouraged the people to conquer the Promised Land for the Captain of the Hosts, so we take encouragement in the work of missions to conquer the nations for the Lord Jesus Christ. Yes, we battle against the false teachings of cults and atheists but they have no shield or defense—in fact, they have the seeds of destruction in their own systems of lies. We have the sword of the Spirit, and the Lord God of Truth, Yahweh-El Emeth, is with us. We pray that this letter finds you encouraged to battle in prayer and with your lives for the salvation of souls.

We visited with Matildeseveral times, who has repeatedly injured her arm through falls, reading various Scriptures to her. Please pray for Sara, a Christian neighbor, who has experienced a good deal of pain during recent months. During December we met for a few Bible studies with Francisco and a young man named Pablo, who interned as a paramedic for several weeks in Santa Clara ,and began a study on man’s sinful inability to do any spiritual good. Please continue to pray for Francisco and his family.

January 2018

We invited Pablo for the weekend to bring in the New Year with us and enjoyed the time together. Please pray for this young man, who has interest in continuing to learn God’s Word and preaching the truth.

In January we also saw the completion of our History of Doctrine course. It was a blessing, especially to sit at the feet of William Cunningham, so to speak. Julio was particularly challenged in reading Cunningham’s lengthy (to put it mildly) Westminster-Confession-type sentences, but he made it through admirably, brought on his way through our three-year-old son John-Baptiste’s many prayers for him.

Paul and Alex Woehr met up at the CIEF conference in Puerto Montt and enjoyed the meetings and fellowship, being introduced to three families new to us. Paul set up a table again and distributed a large amount of Christian literature this time, especially Bible-themed coloring books for children.

Then they traveled back to Santa Clara on Monday to begin Vacation Bible School at the Resource Center in the evening on January 29th. Paul (at right) opened all the meetings with a brief lesson and Alex and Julio took turns teaching the older class while Johanna taught the younger students. The theme this year revolved around “hiking the trail” of the Five Solas of the Reformation. We thank those of you who prayed for Solange and her family – they were the most faithful at Bible School this year and their mother came to the closing ceremony. Other children came sporadically, but attendance was good each day. The Gospel was clearly taught and Friday evening each child was presented a Spanish New Testament with their name in it.

February 2018

Our son Josiah has been especially concerned to follow-up the Bible School by diligently making trips to spend time with Abraham and Nicolás, two of the children. He also encouraged us to restart the Wednesday game time we had been having at the Resource Center last fall.

Rosita and her son Alfredo have both been quite ill this month – please pray for them.

And please pray for Geneva as she is scheduled to fly to St. Louis on March 8thto spend three months with her aging grandparents. Please pray for her testimony, for her safety in travels, and for Marv and Kathy.

Ongoing Prayer Requests

  • Upcoming visits and Bible studies with friends from North and West
  • Alex Woehr and his remaining months here learning Spanish
  • The publication of Cheryl and Geneva’s book for children on Biblical Covenants
  • Rosita – her eye and general health, and her son Alfredo’s health need and salvation
  • Solange and her family, Bastián, Nicolás, Roccío, Mattie, Benjamín, Simoney, Hector and Sergio
  • Paul’s health

We thank you for your prayers and support!

Joyfully in Grace,

Cheryl & Paul Durand and family

“… the shields of the world belong to God: he is greatly to be exalted.”
Psalm 47:9b Geneva Bible 1599

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