Andes Mission

June 14, 2018

The Durands praise God for their second conference in Bulnes, which focused on the Doctrine of the Church and two of the Reformers, for a homeschool conference where they made four presentations, for Damian, who has begun to attend Friday evening services, for Gilda's visit on one Lord's Day, for the publication of Cheryl and Geneva's book, God's Covenants in English. Please pray for the lasting work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of Damian, Joanquin, Yesica, and Gilda, and for salvation for Oscar, Dilan and Cristobal. Please pray for their son, Isaiah, who will travel to be with his grandparents in Missouri until October. They are thankful for the Lord's protection of Geneva as she has been a help to her grandparents and pray for her safe return at the end of the month.

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