Serving Our Lord Jesus in Kenya

2018 Year-End Greetings to all our Friends, at the Lord’s Mercy Seat, in Pockets and Purse, in Love and Thoughts and Concern, The Lord’s Best to you as the year winds down and we look forward to a new 2019. This year, 2018, was very congested, even non-stop with problems, a crisis here and there, with needs. Yet when I have written up a Summary of 2018 HIGHLIGHTS, we see Twelve Big BLESSINGS so far within this year and Nine VICTORIES, which surely lightens our perception that “2018 had been a very bad year;” it wasn’t, Lord! It wasn’t.

The Twelve Big Blessings

  1. Medical coverage through 2018 of all 432 pupils in Baalah School. Children’s lives saved from rabies bites, cerebral malaria, gangrene, and other diseases, taken by ambulance to Marsabit Hospital, down to Kenyatta Referral in Nairobi, to Meru, to Kijabe.
  2. 2018 first time school buildings insured; opened way for a good Head Teacher to come.
  3. High school fees paid throughout this year for former Baalah Primary pupils, orphans, other needy, and The Nine who rejected Muslim fees to convert to Islam.
  4. When Gov’t withdrew free food from private schools, Baalah School would have starved, but World Food Program (WFP) promised direct grants of free food to Baalah for 3 years. New Gov’t project milk to schools will be free to Baalah, start 2019.
  5. Famine reliefs through the year for the church needy and widows, $10,000.00
  6. Baalah Youth spent vacation reading good Christian books sent to them to start their library; they loved the books which they testified kept them from temptations.
  7. Peter’s former fellow students at Garbatulla High School offered $43,000 to build Purity Dorm for 40 Christian girls seeking to escape traditional sinful customs.
  8. Funds and specialist surgeons supplied to give Hirlewa Lkayo his first laser operation (August) and second (November) to restore retina of his eye, badly damaged by multiple bangings his head against walls by Muslim relatives.
  9. A new Energy rule required Peter to top up fuel reserves at his Ontulili petrol station. A loan granted saved his tent-making profits which pay Church payroll etc.
  10. Peter led by Lord to source charities to take over school payroll of both Subordinate staff and Teachers as means to reduce Outreach costs. Charities sign MOUs not to interfere in running the school. Peter continues Administrator for IPM.
  11. Gov’t & Education offices call Peter to read to their joint seminar MBT our 2010 Memorandum how to align Education to new Constitution in Christian and Biblical ways. Peter did and rebuked them for 18 years of persecution of School and Church. VINDICATION
  12. Now ASAL (Arid and Semi-Arid Lands) under Environment Protection has promised to cover our Baalah School children’s medical insurance from 2020 onward. Praise God Who brought all these to pass, enabling His people to empty their pockets betimes to pay for them!

The Nine Victories

  1. At a Government meeting in Marsabit, for all schools to choose a new Head Teacher, with odds stacked against us by malign accusers, God overruled and gave us a strong Christian man.
  2. To the Government’s demand that every Kenyan-born school child needs a Kenyan Birth Certificate, the Lord supplied funds, buses, road safety, for all 432 Baalah School pupils.
  3. A Widow of Baalah’s first school teacher finally rejected funds from Muslims to assist with husband’s debts; accepted IPM settlement. But Mslm sent curses to Peter’s phone.
  4. Administrator Peter rejects Muslim students to transfer to Baalah School; Goverment calls Peter North to meetings for three weekends, and finally granted agreement to Peter with a Vote of Confidence in him and Baalah Elders.
  5. Peter rebuked in person the Muslim family who had so mauled his son Hirlewa, shocking their 18 men in long white kanzus as “whitewashed tombs full of dead men’s bones.”
  6. KRA tried to tax Peter on personal income all Outreach funds through 2017; God answered prayer, and relief came from a Cabinet Secretary for Social Protection.
  7. Muslim Chuti had given Peter “a goodwill gift” to help establish his fuel station, but sued him in Court as a loan on daily compound interest. A loving donor helped Peter repay, and the Court ruled Chuti has now no claim or interest in the station.
  8. Assessors for Marsabit County vetting “Foreign Workers” cleared me, Judith, for final five-year Work Permit, a toss-up between maligners and Baalah Church support.
  9. Peter’s stand through 18 years protected the Baalah School from any other Faith to enter to teach unbiblical dogma. This stand was amazingly VINDICATED when the Government itself, through Education Ministry, sent a Task Force throughout the country to ascertain the Faith of every school, not to be sabotaged.

What God Has Wrought! To Him be the glory and thanks for these Blessings and Victories, even the two Vindications. Without God’s interventions, these would be unbelievable. We love Him so, because He first loved us and the children of Baalah! May you readers accept the THANKS due to you His People because the Lord’s money does not drop from the skies; it comes from His peoples’ pockets. May you be blessed as you see the fruits as you have given from your hearts, Thank You. And not only from your pockets, but from your prayers we have truly been blessed. Thank God for YOU.

Besides the cost-reductions mentioned above in Blessings # 10 and #12, Peter has told the parents of Baalah School Children, to take over the responsibility for the Birth Certificates for their incoming new pupils into Pre-School class, as well as to provide uniforms for their children in Baalah School whenever uniforms wear out into rags. However, these efforts are to help the Outreach stand on its own feet and does not mean we do not still need our loving Donors.

Please continue to send your Child Support monthly gifts. They and other donations help toward insurance, land rent ($800 yearly), safari costs, Warrior insurance ($3000), transport WFP free school food ($2300/term), transport free class supplies from Longhorn Publishers ($700.00/term), and transport free milk ($200/term). But no longer any responsibility for payrolls! Wow. Praise God, thank Him and keep praying for Peter who scouts around looking for all these benefits available.

The Subordinate Staff and Teaching Staff were so happy and thankful to receive their terminal dues from us, (paid by the Independent Board) glad to have something now to uplift themselves, appreciative, will keep loyalty to IPM and to Peter as IPM Administrator of the school. They are so thankful for the larger salaries they will get from the charities who signed MOUs registered with the Government, not to have anything to do with running the school. Before the charities could take over responsibility, the Independent Board had to pay off these terminal dues after their many years of service to School under the IPM. Church Payroll, however, is still paid by Peter from his tent-making, to be helped someday by our Youth Church members as future wage earners.

May I ask as a final request, my burden of the bill to transport all those construction materials worth $43,000 (but free to us) for the Girls Dorm from Peter’s former high school classmates in Garbatulla Alumni Association. Our cost-share was to pay only the transport ($6,000.00) and the casual workers who assist the professional masons who are building the Dorm. May I cry for anyone to help me repay that debt of $6,000 which I had to borrow? I am even praying members of our Independent Board (who forbid any new buildings at Baalah school) will each send something from themselves, seeing their Mission got such a God-send of a free needed building to shelter those of our Christian girls of Baalah Church who are vulnerable to traditional sexual attacks. Any Christmas gifts will go to this my debt with loving thanks. The ring beam has been setting now 21 days. I hope to get some pictures to attach.

A very Merry Christmas to you all, everyone, — for sure I, and we believers, of all people, have the right to be “Merry” for Christmas!

Judith, with Peter and Lucy Lkayo joining me