Serving Our Lord Jesus in Kenya

Friends of Outreach to Rendille,

I am writing during the end of a free trip (to Canada, USA, and back to Kenya) given by Sab’di Lkayo’s sponsor. As her guardian, I escorted her to Canada so there she may further her studies.

I have some items I wanted to share with you all. First of all, when the final Partnership Agreement, which places Baalah Primary School under Baalah Bible Presbyterian Church with Government assistance is confirmed, I will let you know of it. Meanwhile, I need help to settle a real financial problem – but I face three facets of that problem.

Pitfall #1: In the fall of 2018 the Mission Board paid severance dues to all our Baalah School teachers and subordinate staff because two charities were prepared to step in and cover both monthly payrolls for us. It seemed a step in the right direction — until the charities sent their representative to Baalah School during morning opening exercises, closing with the Lord’s Prayer in unison, — to tell our children it is not good to pray to God as Father. Oops…. the Gay Agenda! When Peter heard of it, he dismissed the charities (who had signed legal memorandum of understanding not to interfere in school matters). This laid upon Peter the difficult job of finding both payrolls every month. Since November 2018 until now he has covered it with help from friends and well-wishers, plus whatever he could scrape from his fuel station profits.

Pitfall #2: When last July-August 2018 we paid the $11,000.00 bill for Baalah School renovations, Peter covered $8,000.00 of it – half by selling two new motor-bikes given him by his fuel company TOTAL, and half by giving his four female camels (gifts from his sisters) to cover Pastor Nacha’s share of the bill. (The remaining $3,000 is for me to pay by selling my car when my driving license expires).

Pitfall #3: Peter has given his mission salary in advance as his share of his and his family’s medical coverage (his two cancers, chronic blood pressure spikes, Lucy’s fistula, one child’s hole in the heart, and so on). We are so glad the Board has allowed us to pay medical coverage by advanced salaries. They do what they can!

These three Pitfalls left Peter penniless, without anything left to sell for either Outreach or for family emergencies (unless he sells their fridge, or sofa set, or …). Thus new pressing needs and Outreach activities put Peter at the mercy or kindness of his Rendille friends for helps and loans for him and Outreach to survive. You can see why a God-send of a million dollars could save us! But then, we would be trusting in the million for every need, and not going to our Lord. So you and I and Peter would not have the opportunity to step in and help from our own pockets. Perhaps the Lord prefers it this way?

Here are the debts incurred by Peter in his need, since he has had to raise payrolls from Kenyan friends to keep both Outreach and his family afloat:

For Outreach (not personal or family)

  • Diesel $2,300.00
  • Airtime (telephone) for six months $5,700.00, (these are phone cards for talking with Baalah Elders, Baalah school teachers, Mamas in distress, believing youth facing problems in their secondary or tertiary schools, government offices, charities, friends to help with a need, etc.
  • Safaris to Baalah Church on weekends when Pastor Nacha was unable minister, $3,000.00

Total for Outreach: $11,000.00.

For Family Needs

  • Owed to a shop for food for his five children when they had no funds, $3,000.00
  • Transport to schools for his children in 2019, $1,800.00
  • For Peter’s sister Galaso when she was beaten by her insane husband (5 teeth knocked out, ribs broken etc.) hospitalized until she improved, and moved to Baalah from Korr, $5,000.00

Total for Family: $9,800.00.

I am pleading for Peter’s brothers and sisters in Christ among our Readers to help him and his family and Outreach for these needs.

It is possible that a dear Reader has remembered the need for secondary or tertiary education fees for three Baalah orphans, four of the NINE who refused Muslim fees assistance, and Zairen for another year’s fees for medical studies (his sponsor Mamo fell into addiction to drink and told Zairen he cannot pay for him anymore). If these students appeal to your preference, just send what you can afford to the Mission for a School Fees Fund.

I have finished for now, over and out.

(Next time, Lord willing, from Kenya!)

Peter, Sab’di and Lucy Lkayo