Serving Our Lord Jesus in Kenya

This my end of March quarterly letter, laying before you Readers some needs which have been supplied through answered prayers, and for these may we now praise the LORD with prayers too.

First, this 27 March, let us thank the Lord for enabling donors to send funds for school fees for our children from Baalah School, now grown up into believing youth who want further education, but with secondary or tertiary level of studies with fees from Christians, not from Islamic sources. We don’t give names in public letters like this, but this is a worthy need for our valiant youth. I am thinking of ones who got Government sponsorship for their studies, but an elected Government official of another Faith got it stopped by going through the cabinet secretary who was of his Faith. Never mind, Christians! When something like that occurs, it helps the Christian student not to feel obligated to the Government; when his or her fees are covered by Christians, that Government official in a future time can never go to the student and pressure him to do something on the basis of having had his school fees paid by the Government. So pray for our Youth to mature spiritually in their Christian Faith and testimony. May they read the good Christian books in their own Library Clubroom at Baalah Church. May the Holy Spirit be ever with them and not ever grieved over them! Blessings be laid upon those who have been able to supply such school fees! We need to start praying now for these youth to find good jobs, whether in Government or civil service, in business, or in the private sector, for they will not bribe to get the job. So only the Lord can give them good jobs with salaries which they can tithe for Baalah Church and School. But this would necessitate a change in government life-style in Kenya! Maybe this coronavirus is being used by the Lord to lead persons to repentance for their corrupt life-style which has always demanded bribes, stealing, and all.

Second, we needed to repair our safari vehicle, the old Mitsubishi Warrior. We’ve had it ten years, but from long disuse due to no funds to replace the gear-box with all its needed oils, the engine rusted until we need a complete new or re-conditioned engine. We dared to ask the Mission Board for $4,700 to get the “new” engine plus labor and winch costs. If the country goes into serious Lock-down due to Corona, Peter may want to take the family to a place he has in the North. So we asked salary assistance for him to stockpile food and cover cooking fuel, water and electricity, and four months’ rent in advance for their Nairobi home as demanded by their landlords to get through this Corona Lockdown. There is a curfew now in the country, which is probably just the prelude to serious lockdown. But Peter, who has a chronic cough, is either pushed from entering public transport vehicles or threatened with beating for being a danger to other passengers. So there is no way can he can take his family North by public means. It was a wonderful thing when one of our dear supporters agreed with our request, and sent (last night our time) the full amount needed for salaries, house rent and Warrior repairs – so that it was received this morning, March 27. Imagine! What relief and praises to God! Thank You, Lord Jesus Christ! In Whose Name we pled!

Now writing on March 28: I have to lay before all readers of this Spring Quarterly, the dire famine now in Northern Kenya, though we can take care only of our church members and regular attenders. We lost a young church mama, taken a week ago to Marsabit, but died of birth complications, losing the child as well. Yes, there were good rains in January-February, and some got their few animals up to strength with the new pasture and water as we prayed, but now that the great coronavirus has come, the government has closed all the animal markets in the North to maintain “social distancing” of people — but alas, that means they cannot now sell animals to get cash for family food! Save their lives by closing markets, but let them die of hunger? For new readers, the whole North depends on pastoralism, especially the desert areas of which Baalah sits in the middle of the Kaisut. Find it on Google maps. Farther north from Baalah, the Chalbi is even worse. One faithful Canadian donor, who gives once yearly all he can, sent Can$ 40,000 for Baalah church development. It realized US$27,000, which has been designated for four months to cover church payroll, basic famine food for 45 impoverished Church widows, and school fees to keep ten of our former Baalah school girls now in secondary studies, but most vulnerable to being taken by their fathers out of school for FGM and early marriage. While girls are in school, parents dare not remove them for marriage lest Government clamp down on them with fines or prison. So the church set aside about 1 and a half terms’ worth of fees for these vulnerable TEN church girls. (You will remember now, to whom I refer in future when I write about the TEN?) You already remember the NINE, who a couple of years ago said, “Better no further education than take Muslim fees to educate me!” The remaining four of the NINE were in their schools this first term which is just ending at Easter, but schools were closed early due to Corona. So, besides the 45 impoverished widows already covered by the Canadian’s gift for next four months, we need at least $2,000 a month to feed the remaining 250 households dependent on Baalah Church. That’s only $8.00 per household. The $2,000 will be used to buy in bulk, and share it out. Pastor Nacha has his hands full with such disbursement duties, but there are youth now at home due to closure of schools, and they will help him.

April 7 is the date when Peter and son Hirle will go back to the specialists to see if the medication given him has built up the pressure in his damaged eye retina, so it can be ready for the next crucial operation. I am just asking for prayers in the few days left for pressure! Lord, pressure! I told that story in my regular updates, so will not repeat it here. Just pray with us for pressure!

Then, bear in mind the building of the Baalah Church extension with those 5,550 cut stones which were donated to Baalah church by a Christian quarry-owner as his tithes. They are in place at the church, but we need cement and labor costs before they begin. They held the ground breaking on 12 February. I don’t think the government will halt construction, as the masons and water carriers can maintain the required “social distancing” acceptably in such a work. Speaking of construction, remember how I begged for funds for raising up the Visitors’ Hut from its total collapse? Funds came! And all the sticks have been transported from the far away forests, NEMA fees are paid, burlap and twine, and four mamas are even now hard at work to construct and complete it. Yay! I can hardly wait to be in it again! Peter asked all who had borrowed, to return the dishes, cutlery and cooking pots (saved from thieves) when it’s completed.

Thanking our dear God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ for these things supplied by His people.

But –

Corona: As a missionary of Our Lord Jesus Christ, I have to relieve the stress of my soul. I think Corona is the Voice of God speaking to the whole world. “You thought you could sin as you like and there was nothing at all which I (GOD) could do to stop you! You thought wrong! You claim to be atheists, evolutionists, counting on pure chance to have brought you here to live as you please and ignore My Commandments to mankind! Faithless! You think My Word is just a man-made record of relative human experience with no authority to tell you how to live! I gave you absolute Truth on how to live. Now you advocate changing your gender; you subject little boys and girls to thoughts of all manner of sexual lifestyles open to them. You beautiful Youth throw away your virginity, looking for Sugar Daddies and Mummys, leaving the homes of your parents for a life filled to overflowing with SIN! Where is now your boasting that I cannot see and am powerless? Now governments are locking you down to your rooms, in some countries you can meet only two at a time. Ah? Where are the parties now! The booze-drinking in bars! The hotel rooms for secret sins! The hard drugs – try to get them now! Where is your income you one-worlders? The stock markets? The World Bank? What can they do to survive (save) the whole world? I am God and there is none else! Look unto Me and be ye saved all the ends of the Earth! In old time the great city of Nineveh repented at the preaching of Jonah! Yet not even the “Christian” clergy are preaching repentance from your awful sins and wickedness, or telling you to read the Bible in your enforced imprisonments! Bible Societies should be stocking free Bibles in supermarkets! Your Government calls for a Day of National Prayer against Coronavirus! Hypocrites! One man I saw on a platform, filled with robed and hatted bishops and archbishops, Muslim Imams, Hindu Priestess and robed African Traditionalists – one man I saw shut his eyes and beseech Me from the passion of his heart, to have mercy! … One! … Away with crowns, and rich robes and read prayers! But no messages read to you from the diatribes of my own Prophets or of My Own Son still written in My Word! I sent My Son, Second Person of the Trinity, to the World! And you crucified Him, and crucify Him still by your ignorance and rejection, hatred and ridicule and love for your pet sin! Is there even one man now on a world stage excoriating you for your sin against Me? Is there even one to direct your pathetic world to my beloved Son the Lord Jesus Christ? None other Name under heaven given among men whereby you can be saved! None Other!”

Your sister and colleague, for His kingdom in Northern Kenya,