Serving Our Lord Jesus in Kenya

October, 2021

PRAYER LETTER … Psalms 34 and 91 for urgent prayers …The Will of the Lord BE done

Friends Abroad in prayer for The Will of the Lord always to BE done. Months ago Peter initiated negotiations with the Kenya Department of Immigration for a retirement visa for me under the new Kenyanised Foreigner Status to stay in Kenya till I die.  One of the documents Peter and I were required to write was a Narrative how we started the Baalah Primary School and Bible Presbyterian Church. Due to a flurry of allegations against me from another faith in Kenya, Immigration found it necessary to travel, together with our lawyer, to Baalah to investigate without either Peter’s or my knowing about it. Very good move. The community Elders stood wonderfully in our support and took them around to see all: the school and churches, the Presbyterian Library, and even my hut. Besides the Elders, they talked with Mamas and with the Youth. Our lawyer told Peter he “had been to hell to defend her” …  probably referring to the desert, the heat, the miserable huts, the drought, dead animal carcasses laying everywhere, skinny and naked village children, the hunger…  Yes, I know too what so daunted him.  As I compile this prayer-sheet, I have heard that the Committee now awaits Intelligence from Interpol and other world-wide sources to ascertain if I have ever been in jail, or fled from a country or have any criminal record whatsoever. Thank You Lord for Your guidance in this whole affair – from Peter’s first appeal to Immigration through to today…. Thy Will BE done….

I had thought for this Quarterly to reproduce the Narrative mentioned above (which Peter and I signed for Immigration). It made a refreshing review of early history of Rendille Outreach, and could appeal to both old-timers who have read of this Gospel Outreach for over twenty years, and could also have opened the eyes of new-comers to the work. But with the Opposition still out there to Outreach, we have thought it better to make this Quarterly a Letter for Prayer.  Please, may none of you send this letter by the internet. May our Ill-wishers not know what we are praying for, lest they focus on ways to thwart us!

* I have fears, and summarize them under prayers for personal safety for Peter and his family especially, including the Lkayo children, to and from school, and also for me.  “I called upon the Lord and He heard me and delivered me from all my fears.” “I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in Him will I trust.””Hear my voice, O God, in my prayer: preserve my life from fear …” It appears we are safest in our own homes. Pray Peter can do what he needs to do for Outreach through telephone, email and courier and for safety when he must travel. Pray our situations do not turn into siege.

* Prayer for the Baalah Churches to stand strong for their faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Pray for protection for the church and its office through this sensitive time. We need to put on specific protection – will cost $245 monthly, men armed with bows and arrows. 

* May the anti-visa campaign against us, diffuse and die down.  All is heightened by politicians toward the upcoming National Elections in August 2022; especially in the North where the Faiths enter the equation. May Peter be seen and known that he’s 100% out of any political activity. Oh Lord, strengthen all believers in Northern churches to stand strong in our Lord Jesus Christ, and survive this awful political turmoil.

* May even the Muslim family relatives who have done so much in the past  against Lkayo children come to saving Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.  Readers, Where is there a promise to save the souls of one’s enemies?  I know only, “Pray for those who despitefully use you and persecute you.”

* Update on Defense: We have lost, in death, our top-of-the-tops Christian lawyer, who so faithfully defended us and saved the Outreach through many legal tussles over the years. He had succumbed to long illness. Peter and he were very close spiritually and Peter will mourn him long. His last success for us was this past June when he stood for Baalah School and Church against the erection of a radical mosque on the school doorstep. And in this current defense of a retirement visa for me, he rushed on the first day to Immigration, before he had to leave for the hospital for what would become the last time…Alas! Thus it was his son who the next day traveled to Baalah, with Immigration, to investigate us on his first foray into what seemed to him, a hell. 

***** In these prayers, Lord, we have no merit of our own, all we are and have stands in the Name and Merits of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, our Saviour, our Intercessor, and our Rock in this hard place. Even today, Lord,  I am in the prayers of Psalm 64, where the Scottish commentator, Dr J. Elder Cumming, comments: ‘’In the history of the Christian Church, from a very early period, this Psalm  and its expressions were all applied to the sufferings of Christ and then to those of the martyrs who suffered in His Name. ‘’

* Any who might want to help our pockets, whether for famine relief to Bible Presbyterian Baalah churches, or toward the costs of this retirement visa, thank you. Pray us through! May our God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ protect you in your needs, and keep you healthy.

                 Judith……  With Peter Lkayo also urging this prayer focus on these issues.

P.S. Just to let you know of an ANSWER TO PRAYER for our Ten Orphans. Some Readers will remember when, five or six years ago, we appealed for help for ten Baalah orphans who had completed Grade 8 Primary at Baalah School in various years, and wanted to start, or finish, secondary studies (US Grade 9-12).  The Ten were then variously stepped at Form I, II, III, or IV. Our cousin put them through into Secondary at wherever level each was by that time sited. He himself is a doctor of science, and so well knows the value of education. A few other donors also helped in later years. Then Corona came, and for all it was stay home in Baalah and wait. Now, by this term, October, 2021, the whole Ten were ready– every one had passed his KCSE (Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education) high enough to qualify for University! Fantastic! Well done, you Ten kids!  Peter worked with the Joint Admissions Board to get them placed under a new government project which pays half of tuition fees and provides free accommodations, including food. To get the half-tuition for all Ten came to $6,070.  I breathed hard, I could not do it, I called on Cousin who had started them off in secondary five or six years ago. Whee!!! He did it! All three girls and seven boys now registered at five universities: two in nursing, one in accounts; the boys in Mechanical Engineering, in Economics, in Education, either Arts or Science or Anthropology. In the second semester under the same project, they will apply to the HELB Board for student loans, and to national and county bursary offices. I hope that will give Cousin a break. But, Readers, this is a Prayer Letter, so I am asking prayers for these Ten. Believing kids, entering secular universities, where in Kenya immoral life-style is encouraged, if not fostered… but faithfully warned of it by Peter. Let us pray for them, especially through the first weeks and months, to keep their Christian equilibrium, mind-set, and testimony determined and established. May they be known, find fellow-believing youth and bond together. They can make it, Lord, may You coach and mentor them through Thy Word and by Thy Spirit!

Now let me sign off before I remember any other good story to tell.  Ever in Jesus! Judith…