Serving our Lord Jesus in Kenya

February, 2022

Friends of Rendille Outreach,

Greeting in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ! I am here to put together the projects we have been updating you with by email, into this more public letter.  Peter has been up North with the newly formed Presbytery of Bible Presbyterian Churches, those at Baalah, Hafare, and Sunyoro in Baalah. The Presbytery commissioned the two new churches, and the procedure was recorded.  Each of the three churches has two or three elders, and a body of seven from those groups to constitute a Presbytery Session, or Council (which is the Kenyan term). Peter was named Chairman, which we would call Moderator. May you pray for these, and also for the student-pastors in place.

Praise God for the gift of eight tons of UNIMIX – that nutritious porridge mix sent to the Baalah churches from the World Food Program, to be cooked and fed to the church children. We pled to our readers for funds to buy a load of firewood and bowser of water to cook this for the children of the three churches, and any other village children who come with their bowls to the feeding sites. Church mamas will cook at the school fuel-efficient cookers and carry the food to feeding sites for children of the three churches. Readers, Funds came … Funds came! Praise God!  Bless those givers!  Bless those whose taxes keep WFP going, bless those among you who paid for the firewood and water, also the mamas who cook and carry, also the children who eat and survive!

The contractor who has helped on various projects in the past, has now measured the extensions on either side of the Baalah round church. Each will be ten feet square. They will use the 5000+ building stones gifted a year or more ago by a godly quarry-owner, for half-walls for the two extensions. The contractor says to get started he needs a bowser of water ($3,500) and $3,000 for labor, which will include himself, the architect he works with, his masons and our Baalah casual workers.  (You watch, there will be even some mamas who will want to earn casual money – something by carrying stones to the masons). The contractor says that the cement on hand is sufficient, but the roofing sheets are not enough. They will also need to buy rafters for the roof; but no central pillar is needed in either extension like the one they have in the round church. He is all ready to proceed with the project as soon as the Lord may be pleased to lead His people, if they are able to help us with funds for labor and for water. This letter is my appeal for these building funds.

With almost all Baalah Church wooden benches broken down, I just heard that one of the church youth, the one who calls himself Jesus’ Bandit has repaired them all, so that we  now have 19 whole and entire.  No one took his picture during his repairs, so I will attach a picture I took in 2015 of some of our young men.The one on the right in gray-red T-shirt and khaki trousers, is Sokotei Orbora. He had been a terrible bandit, but when he came to the Lord Jesus, he started to call himself Jesus’ Bandit. He still refers to himself that way to show his change of direction. In those days we sponsored him at a technical school, where he learned some great skills; he’sthe one who repaired all those broken-down church benches. Thank you, Sokotei!

            The young man in a green shirt is Malimo (son of Elder Spika) and is shaking hands with Derach, the first-born son of our late first-teacher at Baalah, Philip Ongelo. Derach, when he gets fees, studies at the Kenya Inst. of Survey and Mapping in Nairobi, where he attends the campus church at BCEA.  The young man in the blue shirt at left is another of the Orbora family of Tubcha. I was told he had been a bandit, wild and horrible, looked for by the police; but at the time of the picture he was in Grade 3 in the Baalah school. They told me when I took the picture that “he has brains.”  He went through to Grade 8, wrote his KCPE exams, yet having no funds for secondary fees, he is now sponsored by Ixlam into a Madrassa school.  What a pity! So now, in 2022, he and five others of our former Baalah students are slated to be taken to Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries to be trained in Radical Ixlam.  You and I know the violence intended by radical training.  May our God spare them!  Breaking News is that Saudi refused to issue visas; a couple of the Six have called Peter to say they have second thoughts about going. The lads in the picture on the front are just some of our Baalah youth whom Peter has been mentoring over all these years. Mentoring costs plenty of telephone airtime; so when you hear of Peter in debt for airtime as office expenses, know there is always fruit of those hours on the phone.  These in the picture are only a few of that fruit, for we lose some of them too. Will some Readers join us to pray the Lord to change the hearts of all Six to remember what Baalah School and Baalah Church taught them, how Peter mentored them, and so save themselves out of that future  radicalism intended for them!

      This next picture on the left shows 40-odd secondary students who thought and hoped money would come in for them, $280 each, to reach their secondary schools this term to continue their studies.  We got 22 in Form IV paid for, and half those in lower Forms. Thank you Lord!

       In past few weeks we have lost church mamas to famine, and now two from throat cancer and one from hunger in old age (97 years old). Fathers and grandfathers in the community have died. Those usually are the first to die as they stop eating in order to leave the food for the young ones. Please, if there are any pockets ready and willing to provide famine relief, please do send to the Mission Office! They really need the rains so much to save the animals.

        There are so many prayers among us here for the Lord’s rains to come to Baalah in the North. My email Readers know the story  how the Lord sent  rains on 27-28th November, rains so heavy that the Rendille Community Elders cancelled their planned burnt sacrifice of a pure white camel, hoping to please Waakh (God) to send rains.  Such burnt sacrifice is done only in very extreme drought. Praise God for that decision; it was a memorable milestone, even a rebuke to the Elders’ intentions. Now that the wells, boreholes, and water tables are still very low, if non-existent, please, may Readers join us in praying and trusting God still for rains.

        May I suggest we pray according to the logic of Mrs. Manoah in Judges 13.  In a sermon by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, he said, ‘’Listen to this woman’s superb logic… In effect, she turned to her husband and said, Is it conceivable that the God Who has just given us such striking tokens of His presence and His goodness is now going to destroy us? …. Is it conceivable that having initiated all this He is now suddenly going to end it all? I do not pretend to understand, but, to me, it is unthinkable that God should start a process and then suddenly reverse it or destroy it.’’  (From the book, Why Does God Allow War?)  

       So, following her logic, I argue in prayer, ‘’Would the Lord have sent  only one full day’s rain so successfully to stop an unbiblical traditional sacrifice intended to gain rains from Him,  yet have left the whole tribe of thousands otherwise waterless?  

       I am in my Scriptures, and I remember Psalm 81 from Bible studies of my old Bible teacher when I was a believing teen.  Verses 8-13, “Hear my people, I will testify to thee…. Hearken to Me… There shall be no strange god be in thee, nor worship any strange god…’’  She dealt with the Lord testifying to us that there must be no other god in our life. But then, there might come another time when we think we might have the need to testify to Him from our side. And then she took us to Micah 6:3 where the Lord cries,O My people, what have I done unto thee? And wherein have I wearied Thee? Testify against Me!’’

       So now, you who pray, may we pray logically to Him in whose rational image we are created. Lord God, it was at that  critical juncture  when You sent rains which stopped the animal sacrifice which You say in Scripture You do not want any more  such animals slain – after Your Son died for our sins! Why so stingy, so insufficient a supply of life-giving water for the lives of thousands?  They are dying Lord, and also their animals! The unbiblical sacrifice was cancelled. But not one drop since. How dry are the Baalah wells and boreholes. May you, Lord Jesus, our Intercessor,  there at the throne of  the Father,  plead  in Your Name and merits that He send rains on these people whose leaders for generations have  prayed to Him (Waakh), to send to them. You, Whom they knew (not properly) only as Waakh’s First-born Son to lead them. And You, Lord Jesus, the Son, have been taken there in the Gospel and preached to them!  They have at least heard, and many, from children up to mamas, many, many have believed and loved Thee. Not yet many Men Elders have believed, though they attend church.  Have mercy on them Father!  For life-giving and sufficient rains upon the just and upon the unjust!  Amen.”           

 Judith Collins