Serving Our Lord Jesus in Kenya

April, 2022

Christ is Risen!

To Christians in America, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Guatemala, Chile…

              I greet you in the powerful Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. He that believeth on Him is not condemned, but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he has not believed in the Name of the only begotten Son of God. John 3:18

I write this prayer letter asking for the prayers of believers for the dire situation in Northern Kenya for the faith of the Only Begotten Son of God. Yes, dire. All churches, every denomination has suffered loss of their children to the success of a faith hostile to that Only Son, a faith which uses free Government education bursaries (scholarsships) to persuade Christian children to convert and swear to it and to the acceptance of the bursary in a mosque. At least 150 church children were lost, with no idea how many other youth in society outside the churches are so suborned.

But for a church, it is worse, to lose its children; its future is lost or at the least much weakened, leaving future leadership to those with only grade 8 education. None educated with technical skills to  get jobs and become tithers of the church, none trained in medicine, none trained as teachers to be a spiritual blessing in public and private schools, none trained in theology to become pastors, elders and Bible college teachers. The spiritual outlook for the future of the churches is bleak, if not appalling.  Imagine what this does to Christian families when they discover there is now a Mxlim family member. The whole affair has become the millstone around the necks of all Christian churches. They have met together and went to seek help. I give you Ecclesiastes 5:8 as a hint. What thus far is gained: for this upcoming term, no Government bursaries are being sent to two counties, Marsabit and Isiolo.

The calendar reminds us of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. No other faith in the world had such a foundation for its faith. I am asking our readers and lovers of our Outreach to the Unreached in the North for the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Way, the Truth and the Life, to pray for these church leaders to be continually guided by the Lord what to do.

Since a National Election is coming up on August 9th, and since the churches mourn that “all the Christians have run away from politics,” they have decided that they themselves must run for election to reveal the situation and plead for equality for Christians before the law. They will run for a seat as private individuals socially, while they work and pray with others within an Ad Hoc caucus of churches, intending to appeal, each from his official seat, the dire situation. I have seen the list of those Northern Christians, church pastors, bishops, elders, nominated by various political parties, church women leaders, now running for seats in the legislative houses of Government:  Ward Assemblies, Parliament and Senate.

            Our risen Lord is all-powerful; He will answer our prayers in His Name and merits and according to His Will. May our readers join us in these our prayers:

* Pray for believing church leaders to win seats fairly in the National Election. No rigging to prevent them.

* Pray they survive and not get killed in electoral violence. Please God, no martyrs! We need each leader.

* Pray each will have the courage needed to speak.

* Pray all can present the churches’ desperate appeal for relief to the various houses of legislation.

* Pray for success and legislative relief for Christians, not only to exist, but to educate their children without having them swear allegiance in a mosque for a free Government bursary.  Let government bursaries be given fairly, and not under Mxlim authority, not as bribes to leave the Christian faith of their own hearts, nor the faith of their fathers in which they were brought up.

Above all, do pray for those youth who were so suborned. Pray our Lord to show the way forward for those who are believers, but were sorely tempted, that they may be shown in their hearts what to do. Pray for Peter, who will be looked to for guidance, and pray for all the churches to know how to deal with the moral situation as it is sin to deny the Faith of Christ. Then, prayers for courage and faith in those who resisted the temptation but continue looking to the Lord Jesus to supply for their needs.

This is the situation, today (27th April). Yesterday the secondary schools opened for the first term. Not one child, not one student from Baalah went to his assigned school. Not one. May I repeat here what I sent to my Lean.listers on April 18th, for fees needed:

1. Our Baalah Primary School grade 8’s, after writing their KCPE national primary exams, now qualify for Form I, (Grade 9). There are 30, and each has been assigned his/her secondary school, but need $400 each to cover fees, uniform and bedding.
2. Baalah secondary students, already in Forms 2, 3 and 4 (grades 10, 11, 12). We have 64 of these kids,                            needing $200 each.
3. We have 20 university students needing $700 each for this semester.
4.  There are also 13 in middle level colleges, needing $500 each.

      It all seems impossible, doesn’t it? It shows how much Peter used to do to help our university students with his station profits. But now with the country-wide fuel shortage, his suppliers tell him it will still be two weeks before back to normal. So his station has been, and still is closed. No profit for anybody! And, with the awful Northern drought it seems there are no parents able to pay fees for their children in secondary. So I am asking, indeed I am begging, for help for these Baalah believing youngsters. Even at their secondary schools they can get more to eat than what our famine relief could feed them at home. (Secondary fees are subsidized by Government funds. That is why they seem cheap.)  If you can help any of these children of the Baalah churches, may you either pick which group you would prefer to help, or just sent your lump sum as you can afford and leave it to us to assign it.

Even Peter’s own children lack school fees. Hirlewa has been covered; thank the Lord and His servants. But Peter and Lucy’s three little girls (in grade 6 and grade 1) need a total $1,800 balance in fees, $800 transport to and from school, and $1,200 for lunches; a total $3,800. Once you lose a place in these schools, you cannot get back in, for the schools have waiting lists in the wings. The Mission Office has always allowed me, when I would cover such bills by advanced salaries, but even I have reached my limit by this method, as has Peter…. alas, alas.

            Sorry to be looking to you to help us pay fees. You can sympathize with those 150 Northern children who have succumbed to Mxlim blandishments to be given Government bursaries, (which should have been free), forced to swear in a mosque to get education. May the Lord have mercy on our Baalah children and supply them school fees.  Please send whatever you can, in the Name of Jesus and for His children.

 Judith Collins