Today, let’s pray for the church members as they are very busy distributing calendars from the Trinitarian Bible Society of Guatemala, for evangelism. They have 1,000 colored and 5,000 black and white calendars.  Three-year-old Valeria had a successful surgery to repair a hole in her heart and is recovering well.  Pray that the final $400 will come in to pay the freight charges for a good used truck for Pastor Barillas of the Mazatenango church. Deacon Hector has had successful surgery, but must now rest for three months while his back heals.  He needs financial help until he can get back to work. On the 21st, Pastor Hal has been invited to speak at a Conservative Presbytery on “Critical Eclectic Text/Old Version Bibles”.  Pray for good information to be given and for people to look for good translations of Scripture.