The USA Mission

The USA Mission

Although the IBPFM is a global mission agency, much of what takes place on the field is directly tied to the “home front.” Since its inception our headquarters has been located in the Philadelphia region where there has been an office and for many years a mission home for those returning on furlough.

The Johnsons

The JohnsonsRev. Gary Johnson and his wife Pat were commissioned as missionaries in 1965 and 1968 respectively. Serving in Kenya and the Holy Land for many years, the Johnsons are now responsible for the SOME teams as well as offering short-term trips back to Kenya to strengthen the churches. Their experience and maturity has been very valuable to young pastors in the bush.

Johnson, Rev. and Mrs. Gary S.
243 Forrest Rd.
Hurricane, WV 25526-9341
Cell phone (Gary) 304-941-8123
Cell phone (Pat) 304-941-8122

Home Office Staff

In 2006, The Independent Board headquarters moved out of the Germantown section of Philadelphia to Plymouth Meeting. Currently Executive Director Keith Coleman has three full-time (Mrs. Irene Markovich, Mrs. Charlotte Faucette, and Miss Marilyn Faucette) and one part-time (Mrs. Mellie Coleman) staffers. Headquarters is responsible for all the correspondence between missionary and supporters, publications, paying of salaries and bills, etc. Their ministry remains behind the scenes, yet quite necessary.

Retired Missionaries

Although retirement is never in a missionary’s vocabulary, the reality remains that the Lord often moves these servants back to their homeland to serve in other capacities. Dr. William R. Le Roy had served with his wife Emily Jane in Brazil from 1952-1991 and then at the headquarters as Executive Secretary, Vice President, and President (from 1991-2010).

  • Miss Marion Willits left for Arabia in 1952 following her missionary appointment. Serving as a nurse with Dr. Sarah Hosmon in Arabia along with fellow nurses Edna Barter and Joan Davenport, their ministry was greatly used of the Lord. Miss Willits returned to the USA and retired in 1984 to serve the Lord locally.
  • Joan Davenport was commissioned in 1962 as a missionary nurse to South India. Yet the Lord had prepared for her a ministry to Arabia with Edna Barter and Marion Willits. When that work closed down, Joan went for a short time to the hospital in Mwingi, Kenya, and then to the Holy Land, to oversee the property of Beit El Baraka. With the sale of Beit El Baraka, Joan has returned to the USA and is currently retired.