Ministering for the Lord in Brazil

Dear Praying Friends and Supporters,

“O Israel; “Fear not, for I have redeemed thee; I have called thee by thy name; thou art mine.” Isa 43:1

Greetings from Brazil in the precious and mighty Name of our Lord! May the Lord bless you for all your prayers and gifts, while we are working here in Brazil. Through the grace of God and strengthening of your prayers and concern, we are able to continue serving Him on this field. Recent news of what and how God has done is as follows:

1. New Pastor for Korean Bethesda Church in São Paulo

The former pastor of the Bethesda Korean Presbyterian Church in São Paulo had resigned his post on April 28, 2013. After that, Rev. Woo Sun Kim took over temporarily, the post of senior pastor of the Bethesda church. We tried many ways to invite a new pastor for this congregation. By the grace of God we were able to invite a new pastor from Korea, Jongbyem Woo, who arrived on January 28, 2014. Now Rev. and Mrs. Kim can work and serve missions full-time in Brazil.

2. All Seminaries Start 1st Semester of 2014

All the Fundamental Presbyterian Seminaries in Brazil started classes for first semester of the year on February 17, 2014. I went to the Limeira seminary and preached at the service of the beginning of the seminary on February 17, 2014. This semester the first 5 students entered the Limeira seminary, but there will be more students who will yet enter. Now there are seven professors, including myself, who will be taking charge of the lectures at Limeira seminary.

3. Garanhuns Seminary Graduation

The first graduation ceremony of the Garanhuns Fundamental Presbyterian Seminary was held on March 8, Saturday at 7:30 p.m. This time two graduates, Edgar de Lima Correia and Gilvania Conceicao da Silva, received the charge of missionary. Rev. Woo Sun Kim preached and many Brazilian pastors took part in the service. We prepared wrist watches and gave them to the graduates as a remembrance of the occasion.

4. New Believers Baptized

We baptized 15 new members into the Castainho Fundamental Presbyterian Church of Brazil on March 8, 2014. All those baptized were evangelized by the children in the Bethesda Nursery in the village of Castainho. We are very thankful to God that 19 people were baptized in 2011, and 18 people in the year of 2012. As of now, the Castainho church has added 53 new church members in three years.

In Christ,
Rev. and Mrs. Woo Sun and Sook Ja Kim