Outreach in India

Dear Friends and those who love the Lord, Well-Wishers and Donors,

I praise the Lord’s marvelous Name because He has kept us very safe under His mighty wings. Though there were so many difficulties in the past months, God gave me courage to stand for Him and carry on the ministry. On February 13th, about 15 men entered our Christian Mission property here. They started digging foundations to construct buildings, broke the cross symbols on the gate, and tore down the sign board which shows the property is Christian Mission property. They used all kinds of abusive words against me. They claimed that they bought this land from a so-called Bishop of United Church of North India. I was forced to call the police to stop their misguided activities, and the police came and stopped the work. But the police inspector was included under the bribe which they paid. In the early days of this mishap, the police inspector took me to the police station and asked me many questions. I did show him the power-of-attorney paper, which the IBPFM provided me. He said that is not enough. Then the Sub-Divisional Magistrate also came to see the matter. He was also not satisfied with the power of attorney.

During all this time I was asking the help of the Almighty God, and He has provided it and He will sustain me to carry on the ministry over here. This ministry in Kannauj was founded by the late Miss Louisa Lee, around 1940. She did a lot for the sake of the Lord, and she was active up to 1965. Then she was very weak and was 77 years old at that time. She called me to take over the Ministry through our Bishop. I came here and continued with her, to help the Christian Ministry to progress up to 1972, until she was called Home. I have done the Lord’s work here for more than 49 years. I kept this property of the mission as the apple of my eye, so I cannot bear, if anyone does any harm to it. I need your prayers very much.

Two men, with their families, are also assisting me to promote the Lord’s work; they are from the Saint Thomas Evangelical Church of India, Kerala. Dear friends, you can understand what kind of a problem this is and the pressure that is upon me. But the Living God Almighty is my right-hand help. The IBPFM has stood with me to solve the problem, for which I am thankful. They even sent some valuable papers to our lawyer of the High-Court, Mr. Rakesh Singh, and more valuable papers to me.

I also want to tell you that I was in Kerala in January 2014, to attend a very large convention. I had very good opportunities to witness for the Lord at that place also. Additionally I had a trip to Chennai and attended a very large church conference there. It was very useful. Last Thursday, our cottage prayer meeting was held here and about 80 people joined with me to worship the Lord. I do conduct the Ministry with all might and strength. Please pray for us. I thank each and every donor and I am very thankful to all of them. May the Good God bless you richly, according to the Heavenly treasures.

Yours Ever in His Love,
M.J. Eapen