Serving the Lord in Lancaster and Surrounding Areas


Dear Friends in Christ,

I am sorry for the delay, but I wish to thank each one of you sincerely for your continued prayers and support during these past six months. This effort on your part has enabled me to stay here for ONE MORE MONTH. This has been truly a miracle of God’s providence.

LeRoySince 1954, when my wife and I went to Brazil for the first time on a converted “troop carrier” (S.S. Brazil; pictured left), we learned the phrase, “God’s work done in God’s way will not lack God’s support.” This is a sound financial principle for Christian servants, but where have we gone wrong and where have we failed to do God’s work “in God’s way” during the past 60 plus years?

Without attempting to answer the above questions, which I believe belong to God’s sovereign purpose and timing, I will close by referring to my present financial status and monthly needs, all of which enable me to remain in this Retirement Home at the present costs:

Monthly Cost: $10,000
My total monthly income: slightly less than $4,000

Please give liberally, and monthly, as the Lord enables you. GOD IS ABLE! Thank you for your prayers and gifts.

In Christian love for missions,
William R. Le Roy

P.S. from the Executive Director: I recently visited Dr. Le Roy and we discussed many things that were on his heart, especially the IBPFM. Limited by a number of physical ailments, he nevertheless continues to minister in prayer and testimony for this work. If the Lord would have you support him at this time, you may give to the Silver Retirement Fund, or to Dr. Le Roy’s support account. I thank you.