An Update from Pat & Gary Johnson

Pat and Gary Johnson

When Pat’s cancer treatments (13 chemo, surgery, and 10 radiation) were complete, we were rejoicing and thanking God and each of you for your prayers, because your prayers were answered as she has been restored to health once again. In early January we saw one of her doctors who asked what she wanted to do in 2016. A quick response was to regrow her hair and regain enough strength to return to Kenya this summer. Well, the hair is growing, and the strength is also returning slowly. We both enjoy a power nap when we can get it, and plans are being made for a return to Kenya with the S.O.M.E. team.

S.O.M.E. Team 2016 to Kenya

Yes, plans are being made for a team of ten plus us to go to Kenya in July. There are flights to arrange, booking for guest houses on arrival and departure, airport transfers to town and back, travel to the bush, food to buy, a battery for the car, solar batteries for light at night, bottle gas for cooking, and it seems the lists go on and on and on. And then, how do we keep all the team involved and busy so they do not get bored. Do you really think there would be a chance to be bored?

This summer we and the Del Ray Nichols will leave a week before the team, so we can buy supplies and food in Nairobi to take out to the bush. On arrival the brooms and mops start flying to clean up 12 months of mice, bugs, and dust, but please do not mention scorpions and centipedes. That’s quite a job, but there will be others there to help, and brooms there do fit everyone’s hands. Along with the dusting will be washing all the dishes, pots and pans in the cupboards, and getting ready for the team. Later Gary will go back to Nairobi to meet the team on arrival, help them with money-exchange and buy a few more groceries. Then they will be traveling out to the bush.

The ministries this summer will include working on some of the broken desks in some of the public schools, and giving Bible stories and Vitamin A to the students. The team will be teaching different classes in the Bible School, and the ladies will teach in the Technical School. We hope to visit most of the 13 churches and either teach Sunday School, give our testimonies, or preach. We want to encourage the pastors and members. Also, we will visit the open-air markets to buy food for the widows, the school, the poor, and some for the team too. During market day we will give out tracts in their language and encourage them to come to church on Sunday. Lord willing, we will also help a local Gideon, Jackson, to get Scripture portions into the public schools. The team ladies want to do some “tea parties” for the ladies there and are preparing devotions and a gift to give each lady. There is always something that can be done to help and encourage the nationals.

Prayer Requests

Please pray with us that the Lord would open the hearts of those we meet while traveling, as well as those in Kenya, that they might hear the Word and be saved, or encouraged in the faith. Please pray too that the Lord would supply each one the needed funds; each person will need just over $3,000, so that is just over $6,000 for the two of us to go this summer. Again, there may be a dozen of us desiring to serve the Lord in Kenya this summer. Pray with us that the funds will come in, and doors will be opened. Gifts to help us go can be sent to the Headquarters and designated “Johnsons SOME.”

Thank you, and may God richly bless you for sharing with us in His work.

Yours in His Service,
Gary & Pat Johnson