S.O.M.E. Team

“This is the LORD’s doings; it is marvelous in our eyes. This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:23, 24.

This prayer letter is overdue and it’s just about time to leave with the SOME team for Kenya, so we want to share words of praise and some prayer needs. We don’t know the number of teams we have been on, but this one is important to us. Yes, last year on May 11th Pat was diagnosed with cancer, and on May 11th this year, after scans, tests, and doctor’s appointments she has been given an approval to go to Kenya. We are both very happy! Pat will be able to be of help with cooking, organizing, and keeping an account of the monies – hopefully no more money left in Nairobi when we go to the bush, or money in the wrong accounts (if you remember last’s year’s July letter); and as Gary says, even keeping him in line! Thank you for praying for Pat during her treatments, now praise with us for the wonderful answers to prayer!

Gary recently made a call to the head of Gideon’s International in Kenya, making plans for two runs to distant schools, with the team, to give out New Testaments. They are praying for 2,000 to be given.

Team preparation is both a challenge and blessing. After church a couple of Sundays ago a dear friend, who really loves missions, called out to me (Gary) and wanted to know if we needed anything for the summer. I said that I did not think so, but he wanted to see me. Days later in his office he gave me a check; I asked the Lord what He wanted me to do with it. Later that same day I had a call from Kenya and I asked about the sewing machines in the Technical School. Daniel said, “Well, we have six, but two are not repairable, two need repairing, and so we have only two machines that work” – for 32 girls! Doing some figuring, that does not give much time for each girl to practice sewing on the machines. So, we asked if it would be okay to buy sewing machines for the school – “Yes, that would be great,” was the answer! Continuing to pray, God has also sent in funds from Charlotte and Greenville for machines. Praise the Lord for prayer answered! However, pray with us that we can get quality sewing machines at a reasonable price.

Our SOME team ladies are preparing to do “teas for the pastors’ wives” and other ladies; giving a devotional and time for fellowship. Also the fellows will be doing a pastors’ conference to teach and encourage the local 13 pastors, as well as teaching in the Bible School, and going to the public schools with Bible stories, pencils, and Vitamin A. Oh, and we cannot forget the repairing of wood desks for the schools, and some maintenance work around the mission property. Pray with us as we also will be counseling with two of the pastors who have had some complications with money. Do pray that we will do the right thing, and give Godly counsel.

There have been three of us busy doing scroll saw cutouts that can be used to tell Bible stories (see pictures on back). We are so thankful for their sharing in the ministry with us, by using their talents, and by doing a set of the cut outs for each of the 13 churches. As you can see, Jonah will be the theme for the teachings this summer, so this is a great visual aid!

About a year ago some of you heard of a couple in Kenya whose home was destroyed by fire, two children were killed in the fire, and both parents were burned. We praise the Lord that the burns have healed, a new house has been built (thank you to those who helped) and God has given them a son, now one month old.

Pray for the SOME team and traveling mercies. The Johnsons and the Nichols will fly out on June 24th. Then on July 4th Bonnie and Brian fly from Charleston WV and meet in Atlanta with the four members of the Ledford family (coming from Bristol TN). These will fly to Amsterdam and connect with Valerie (coming from Boston) and travel together to Nairobi. Also arriving in Nairobi on July 5th are Purdee and Sarah, flying in from Adelaide, Australia. We will rejoice to see them all together in Isovya! Pray for safety and a good witness in travel, and that God will use each one of us for His glory in Kenya.

“O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth forever.” Psalm 118:29.

Yours in His Service,
Gary and Pat Johnson