Serving the Lord in Guatemala

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Looking back over the work of nine years in Guatemala, I have one earnest prayer that I want you to remember along with me.
On the mission field, often I was in the situation that I expected spiritual growth from the nationals while they expected material help from me. Despite these demands of the nationals we only focused on teaching the Word of God and treated physical needs of life as a secondary level. Sometimes, on the mission field, missionaries were the means of material help and the people seemed disinterested in Sanctification through the Word of God. Despite the quantitative expansion and growth of Christianity, often I have witnessed that many turned to the mystical and superstitious in using the name of “Christians.” I felt a need of change in these situations. Many countries have been offering various kinds of relief and assistance to third world countries, but this was not much help in enabling them to escape a dependent mind-set. That was the reason we focused on teaching the Word of God.

In Guatemala we started Zion Middle School. The reason we started a mission school was our realization of the importance of education. South Korea became one of the poorest countries in the world after the Korean War. Albeit a very small country without many resources, it achieved the dazzling economic growth in the 70’s. How? Many reasons we can provide, but among them the help from the US churches and missionaries that played a great part in the reconstruction of the country. The help was not limited to relief activities for the difficult life, but expanded to build churches and establish Christian schools so that many could grow to be mature and competitive Christians. Later many became respected Christian leaders in the country.

Through the ministry of Zion, I realized the necessity of a good Christian role model as a leader. The fact that a person growing and studying in Patzicia becomes a great leader will be a wonderful inspiration and provide hope to many to be such a leader. This vision was a strong motivation for my ministry in Zion Middle School. Zion has had three graduations. The first graduates finished their high school education last year, and many returned to work as farmers. They couldn’t continue their higher education due to expensive tuition for private universities and high academic level for the national university. I felt a great sadness.

Unlike urban students it seems very difficult for Zion Middle school students to get admitted to universities without tutoring or supplemental instruction. How to lead them to have a college education?

I think a basic and intensive education after middle school seems to be an answer. A Christian boarding school is one of the most efficient ways to provide such an education both spiritually and academically.

Zion Middle School has been successfully continuing both Bible study and devotional programs and high- qualified teaching. But now there is a need to continue this good education on a high school level. Please pray for this need. We do not have any detailed plan. What I believe is that God is the One who leads us in every step of our life. Do pray with us for God’s will be done in this too.

“Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need” (Hebrews 4:16)

Thank you again for your prayers and love in Christ,
Caleb Kang from Guatemala, for Debra and Joshua