Report from Cambodia

Dear Mission and Prayer Co-workers,

CambodiaWe are here by God’s great grace and by your non-stop prayers of intercession. We are preaching the Gospel of salvation for the Cambodians and presenting the love of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we also are very grateful to you and all our co-workers, and do thank you.

We thank the Glory Bible Presbyterian Church in Seoul, our home church, which sent a pastor and an elder of theirs to our mission field in this needy time, helping many ways to resolve many matters. So we praise the Lord who led them, and that He is faithful to us all the time. The chapel of Glory Bible Presbyterian Church in Phnom Penh (pictured above) was dedicated two years ago. The construction company designed it for aesthetics in the beautiful vaulted roof, but such a design did not consider at all that the hot sun of Cambodia creates very high indoor temperatures. When we worship in the afternoon around two o’clock, it is very hard to concentrate, and it physically makes us very tired. In the meantime we wondered how we can improve this situation?

When we visited our home church in Seoul, we met with an assistant pastor. He heard the problem of our chapel and suggested that if all the glass is covered with colorful sheets, these can block some of the sun’s rays. We accepted his suggestion and invited him and an elder in order to work out this project. So they came to our field to help us. Actually the work was not simple or easy. The windows are located high (more than 3-4 meters up) and are 2 x 3 meters in size. Because of their height, the work was dangerous and difficult, so we prayed every minute until the work was finished. Now the building is beautiful and the temperature inside is much better. We can testify that this whole thing is by the grace and direction of Jesus Christ, who receives all the glory.

Our church van was in a very dangerous state of affairs, although we did not know it until the pastor from Seoul drove the van. He drove it once and detected many problems and was not prepared to risk an accident. He listed all the problems that needed repair; for example, a leak in the pressure of the water pump, water and electricity etc. Pastor was very agile in the repairs, with the help of the elder (it was like Paul and Timothy working together), the work progressed very smoothly and was finished. Our church brother Veasna and sister Siev Chien learned from them as their role models. This is important because Cambodian people have no good role models.

However, after all the things were finished, there was a strong message ringing in our hearts. Maybe even though the people feel that the view of the chapel is more beautiful than before, the Lord is the one to inspect how beautifully our spirits are refurbished. Yes, now we discovered the spiritual cleaning is from Him. Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel; But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price. (1 Peter 3:1-2) We are all more awake, living by faith in the last days as we proclaim the Spirit of Truth. Please pray for quiet spiritual life.

Several people came to worship at Glory BPC, but did not continue to take part in worship. One brother of our Gospel BPC has been out with a very severe illness. He is very poor, but he has not failed to pray to God until now. All I can do is to request earnestly, in Lord’s Name, for his healing. We continue to preach the Gospel, distribute handbills to the neighbors and friends through our Sunday school children and fellow saints of the two churches. Sister Siev Chien goes with us every Saturday to preach the Gospel and share handbills of Good News to the neighbors.

Finally, pray for this preaching opportunity: August 12-18, a mission team will come. Pray as the Lord leads us, for church growth and spiritual revival in our two churches.

May God our Father bless all of you.

Stephen and Lydia CHOI