Ministering in the USA and Kenya

Dear Prayer Partners and Friends,

It seems that every day something new is happening, and God is blessing, and reminding us how favored we are to know Him and serve Him. Yes, what a joy to hear little Luke’s voice on the phone just after Christmas saying, “Mr. Gary, I asked Jesus to come into my heart!” Our hearts rejoiced and we thank you for praying for him, for salvation, and now for his growth in the Lord.

Psalm 47:7 says, “For God is the King of all the earth: sing ye praises with understanding”. How wonderful to know that God is the King. He does have His way in this world though at times it seems so confused and mixed up. God is still in control. It is each of us who must have our hearts in tune with His will and workings.

News does come from Kenya that the rains were very short and that the crops that were coming up are now dried and there will be no harvest. Pray that God will provide the food for their needs. We are delighted to hear that the Bethel Bible and Technical Schools have commercial electricity in the buildings. This is an answer to prayer! The school is going on well, but having a bit of difficulty buying food for the students since there are no crops, and the corn and bean prices are much higher.

The Jolly Seniors and Histimers groups are going well. The Histimers recently had a soup, dessert, and movie-night showing “God’s Not Dead 2.” It is inspiring to fellowship with these groups and to encourage them. The church is preparing for a Mission-Month in March, as they will have different missionaries each Sunday. On the 12th the Chemill family will be with us. Bethany was on a team to Kenya 14 years ago, came home and became a lab tech, married a doctor, and they have four children. They are headed into full-time missionary work, directing a hospital in Togo, Africa. What a delight to know that former team members are serving or want to serve the Lord full-time.

On Tuesday evenings Gary does the Bible study at Putney Memorial Church; currently working through the book of Daniel. There are usually 9 or 10 attending. On Thursday afternoons Pat continues to teach in the Good News Club at a public school.

Thank you for your prayers and support that keep us going. Yes, doing all the various works for Him here, but still going. Lord willing on February 7 to 17th we will be in Mexico for the ICCC/ALADIC meetings. It will be great to have fellowship with many of our missionaries who will be attending, and also with many nationals from various countries. We are traveling with Brad and Sheila Gsell. Please pray for our safety, our encouragement to others, and also that tracts and the Word may go to many we meet.

Your servants for Christ,

Gary and Pat Johnson