Ministering for the Lord in Brazil

May 2019

He shall not fail nor be discouraged, till he have set judgment in the earth: and the isles shall wait for his law. Isaiah 42:4

May the Lord bless you for all your prayers and gifts for this ministry, while we have been working in Brazil. We always give thanks to the Holy Spirit who leads us, and the churches, seminaries and all of the mission camps in Brazil as they labor and stand in very difficult and often depressing times. We thank God when we look back to the past days, because He alone did many mission works in Brazil. My wife and I have only obeyed the order of God as messengers. Now we can see many of the fruits of this ministry in Brazil. Really, we were running in haste up to now to obey the order of God, and never took a vacation to rest. This was really by the grace of God because He gave us good health even in our old age. The Holy Spirit enabled us to accomplish His work. But these days we are concerned about our health, especially for my wife, Sook Ja’s. At the present time, she is feeling pain in her legs when she is walking. The symptom started after she had a contusion of the head when she fell down on the floor of the bathroom.

Health Checkup in Canada

Not long ago we arrived in Canada to complete some medical examinations. First step, my wife needed treatment for the pain in her legs. She also needed blood and urine tests to check the sugar values for her diabetes. My friend introduced us to a traditional Chinese physician. Therefore my wife underwent medical treatment by acupuncture from this Chinese doctor and the pain decreased after her treatment. I also had blood tests done for my cholesterol and a PSA check. Today I checked the results of the examination and our doctor said everything was all right. He did, however, give me a prescription for my prostate enlargement.

Rev. Choi’s Kidney Transplant

As you may remember, I (Rev. Woo Sun Kim) retired as the Senior Pastor of the Bethesda Korean Presbyterian Church in São Paulo on November 13, 2015. I was able to serve as both pastor of the Bethesda church and as a missionary for the whole of Brazil. But now, already over 82 years old, I retired (according to the Korean church’s regulation) and currently preside as an honorary pastor for the Bethesda Korean church in São Paulo. Since that time my wife and I have been focusing on missions in Brazil, and served as a pastor of the mission department of the Bethesda Korean church. Now, you remember that Rev. Choon Geun Choi took over the position of Senior Pastor of the Bethesda church. Last year, however, he developed kidney disease. We are very thankful that he had successful surgery for a kidney transplant on March 27, 2019, and his wife, Mrs. Kwon, donated her kidney to her husband. They are both recovering, by the grace of God.

Trying Again for a VISA to enter USA

As you may know, some years ago we could not receive a visa to enter the U.S.A. because we illegally overstayed our time when Rev. Kim was studying in seminary in New York and California. We appealed with a full explanation letter to the Immigration Court in Buffalo, NY back on April 21, 2004. We submitted all documents that the judge required, and the Judge rescheduled the court with a date for us to have the final hearing on November 29, 2004. At the last Exclusion Proceeding, we were permitted to withdraw our application for admission; meaning we were not deported from the United States. Because we were not deported, our immigration lawyer said that we could try to submit an application to receive a visa to enter the U.S.A., which we did.

Soon after, we went to Brazil to take up our mission ministry. From there we applied to the Consulate General of U.S.A in São Paulo, Brazil, and also in Calgary, Canada in 2006 for a visa. But they refused to grant a visa to enter into the U.S.A. even though we were free and qualified persons to do so, as stated by the Judge of the Immigration Court in Buffalo. The Consul said he agreed with the order of Judge of the Immigration Court, but the work of the ministry of Justice and the Ministry (Department) of Foreign Office are different, and we belonged under the Department of Foreign Office. The Consulate General felt that we might stay in the U.S.A. illegally. So we are looking to the Lord to help our IBPFM office to find a way that we might receive a visa to enter the U.S.A. We are praying with faith that our request will be answered.

In Christ,

Rev. Woo Sun & Mrs. Sook Ja Kim