Serving the Lord in Guatemala

August 2019

Dear prayer co- workers in Christ,

We pray all the time. We pray earnestly day and night when there is an issue or a problem to be solved. The Bible says that our Heavenly Father, who sees this prayer in secret, repays it. Our Heavenly Father knows what we should already have, even before we ask. That is why we are still offering our earnest prayers to the Lord who listens in secret.

“But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.” (Matthew 6:6)
“…for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him.” (Matthew 6:8).

Saepoom Church Mission Team

From July 1-6, a team of 11 people of all ages from the Saepoom Church in Canada spent a wonderful time sharing in evangelism, various activities, and fellowship. They enjoyed the fellowship with Zion Middle School, San Lorenzo Elementary School, Chimaltenango Church, etc. in working together in play activities and an evangelistic drama showing the love of Jesus in the midst of life’s hardships.

The same evangelistic drama presentation had already been performed by the Zion Middle School students at other school events. But the students responded more passionately to the performances of the young people from Saepoom. It was an important time for them to think about the love of Jesus as they are going through the struggles of their youth. While making cross necklaces, bracelets, and earrings using beads and wooden crafts, the team members and the Zion students could not really communicate very much by language, but they could share the joy of being the Lord’s children. We also invited three middle schools in the Patzicia region to a soccer tournament, holding evangelistic activities during the games. Zion Middle School won the men’s championship and were the women’s runners-up. This evangelistic event was a reminder that Zion Middle School is a school to teach the Word of God. Everyone had a great time with prizes, food, and gift giveaways. In addition, we had a precious time to visit students’ homes to provide scholarships and encouragement to those who are studying in a difficult home environment. Of these, 14 year-old Kevin is the youngest of six brothers. His father passed away last year, and his mother works, in spite of some physical issues, to provide for the children who are studying. Kevin works weekends to help his sick mother, but because of some issues, he couldn’t pay eight months of tuition. In recognition of these circumstances, the Sepoom Church promised to supply his tuition. The Church also decided to support other students who are in similar situations, but financially could not continue in school. The Church willingly shared their blessings with these children, not because they have an abundance, but because they are grateful for God’s grace and mercy upon their lives. Praise God and to Him only.

The Chimaltenango “Prayer House Church” has long been a prayer-sponsored church since the pastor is a brother of the principal of Zion Middle School. The mission team visited the church. They went around the village to evangelize, and then painted the church, and had a worship service in the afternoon. More than 60 members and neighbors joined to watch the evangelistic play and worshiped together. The numbers were twice the usual number. The evangelistic performance on the dusty floor, in the tented church now under construction, was a precious time that made everyone think about Jesus’ continuing love for us. The Korean gospel song You Are Born to be Loved was sung by the team in Spanish. The melody was new to Guatemalan believers, but it was inspiring praise, giving grace both to the listeners and those who sang. A bead-making activity and pizza dinner after the service were a time of pleasant fellowship.

San Lorenzo Elementary School has only around 40 students. Watching the theatrical performance and participating in interesting craft activities were very exciting and enjoyable for these young children. We pray that the seeds of the Word through the evangelistic play and activities will bear fruit in their lives and that this small school will spread the fire of the Gospel all over the San Lorenzo Village.

Zion Middle School

We have been preparing a seminar for the pre-graduates and graduates. A lecture was given to the third-year students on August 23. It was on the Purpose of Life – which is to glorify God. Pray for wisdom and knowledge to be given to Caleb, who plans and conducts lectures.

Evangelism: Counseling with Scripture

Debra will start a counseling class in September. We expect about 10 people, mainly students and young people who have already studied or are studying Korean. Please pray that this will be an opportunity to share the Gospel with various ones. Pray also for Debra that God will grant her wisdom and that her physical health will be strengthened every day.

Family News

Our son Joshua is doing his best in his second-year final exam in Belgium. Please pray for patience and wisdom so that he can finish the rest of his studies successfully. Pray for the Lord’s protection to keep him healthy and safe. By the grace of God, Debra is sleeping well and her recovery from shoulder surgery is going well, though it is slow. Please pray for the restoration from the weakness of her body, which was afflicted by sleep disorders for years, so that she can fulfill what God wants her to do throughout her life. Pray also for God’s protection from all dangers for Caleb as he drives the long roads.

Dear friends in Christ, your prayers and your support for our ministry and life in Guatemala are very precious. We pray that you will always remember us in your prayers and support us so that our ministry will be a channel of blessing for all.

Your missionaries to Guatemala,

Caleb, Debra, and Joshua Kang