Serving the Lord in Guatemala

November 2019

Dear Brethren in Christ,

We bless you with Christ’s love, which enables us to fully overcome all the difficulties of the world.

Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? … Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.

Romans 8:35, 37

Zion Middle School

We held a special seminar for our 3rd year students from August to October. The seminar, titled “What is the Purpose of Life?” was designed to motivate the students to think about their own purpose in life as they planned for their future, and the choices they will make in life. Finally, we encouraged them to live a life for the glory of God as Christians. We do not know the level of under-standing of the students who attended, but pray that the things we shared during the seminar will be a small seed of faith that can be remembered and will grow in their lives.

A Vacation English Class for the graduates began in the first week of November. Eleven students participated in the two-hour classes, three times weekly, for four weeks. English language education is an important part of not only schooling but also employment. In order to provide students with more learning opportunities, we provide this annual vacation English class. In addition to improving their English language skills through classes, we maintain lasting relationships with our graduates in order to encourage them with the Word of God. Pray with us for more students to be interested and involved in this important project.

The 7th Graduation Ceremony was held on November 8. A total of 40 graduated (18 boys and 22 girls). The Saepoom Church in Canada provided bikes to six students for their academic excellence and faithfulness in Bible study. We pray that all of our graduates will grow in the Lord as they live for the glory of God. The picture on the left is the graduation ceremony.

In the month of December, Caleb has regular home visits with the students and the teachers. It is a time to share God’s Word and prayer topics through fellowship at home. Please pray for safety on the road ways and that the fellowship of the Holy Spirit will be experienced with abundant joy.


Caleb visited San Lorenzo Elementary School (which he regularly visits) with Brother Danielson last October to teach English, Bible, and hymns, play soccer, and enjoy delicious snacks. San Lorenzo is located in the mountains, a 15-minute drive or a 60-minute walk from Patzicia. Life here is more difficult than Patzicia. This year’s six graduates will have to give up attending middle school in order to financially help their families. While praying for a way to help them, we plan a time for basic education with Bible study at least once a week. Since Roman Catholicism is very strong in this area, we need to evangelize wisely. Caleb will collaborate with Brother Danielson, who is a graduate of Zion Middle School. He also works during the week and studies theology on the weekends. Please pray that it will be a time to bear good fruit and that all necessary things can be provided.

Family News

Pray for Joshua, who is continuing his studies in Belgium, that with God’s guidance he will be successful. Please pray that his skin troubles, caused by stress and unbalanced nutrition, will be completely healed and will not recur, and that he will always be wise to obey the guidance of the Lord. Debra’s shoulder is recovering well. Pray for her to always humble herself and pray before the Lord, and to act wisely in all the plans of 2020 in the wisdom of God. Without His presence, we can do nothing. Finally, pray that Caleb will be safe wherever he goes and with whomever he meets.

We give thanks to God for overcoming all the difficulties in 2019, and look forward to God’s unchanging love in the coming 2020. Dear brethren in prayers, we bless you and pray for this overflowing love of God now and forever in your life.

Your missionaries to Guatemala,

Caleb, Debra, and Joshua Kang