Presenting Christ to Cambodia

Dear Prayer and Mission Co-workers,

We greet to you all from the field of Cambodia, in the precious name of Savior Jesus. We are safe from COVID-19 under the wings of our God. From March 17, the government of Cambodia had ordered us to stop all worship and prayer meetings in the Chapel, and all the schools closed from March 16. Therefore, from the March 22 Lord’s Day, our chapel worship services in our two churches ceased. The government did permit worship or prayer meetings of less than 10 members. So, until now, our worship style has changed to a small-group style. The Council of Church Leaders met and decided on the following rules:

  • The Cambodian government gave instructions for worship services and meetings of all schools and churches in order to protect the people from the spreading of COVID-19. We have cooperated and obeyed this order of the rightful government. If, however, the government had ordered that we were not allowed to worship our God, we could not obey it (Romans 13:1-2). For a place of worship, we do follow Jesus’ instruction (John 4:21, 24), we will worship in spirit and truth.
  • Because of the government mandate, the Glory and Gospel BP Churches cannot open their gates for worship services as we have in the past. But our worship and prayers have never, and will never stop – here on earth or in heaven, forever and ever, because our worship and prayers are like our breath and life. Therefore, we will continue to worship and pray to God in our homes. So, the method and style of our worship services and prayer meetings have changed from the chapel worship to the house worship; from one congregation to several small groups.
  • The worship on the Lord’s Day is done by the individual or in small groups. Our order and content of our worship service is written, and along with the sermon, is shared by a messenger. Then our Thursday and Saturday prayer meetings are held at each one’s personal place.

We also wanted to share some good news. We had a couple visit the Gospel Church. They were sent by Jai Mei Fund, out of Hong Kong. His name is James ZHOU, and he is an architect. The purpose of that Fund is not for the preaching of the Gospel, but it is for helping poor Christians. For example, they help repairing houses or supporting students with scholarships. Recently, we have been praying about the need of a chapel for our Living Water BPC. That church land was bought about ten years ago. So we have waited for God’s perfect time. Last March, we went to measure the church. Mr. ZHOU then designed the fence and gave us the blueprint drawing so that we can go forward. Please pray for our third mission here, which will need a chapel for the Living Water BPC in Takeo Province.

Also, continue in prayer for Lydia’s health. On April 23 she was to visit the Gospel Hospital in Busan, Korea and have a checkup on her status. Now the situation of COVID-19 is very severe, so that her health checkup has been postponed. We will also need to submit the documents of our one-year visas on May 2. We trust she will remain healthy until we get our visas. Recently she has felt aching on her right side and abdomen. Yet, through prayer, she daily is able to endure the pain.

Here in Cambodia, we watch this pandemic spread across the United States and around the world. Compared to the United States, the situation in Cambodia is much smaller. If there would be more confirmed patients in Cambodia, it would be very difficult to handle due to the lack of medical supplies and manpower. As soon as possible, we are praying for this situation to end.

Thank you so much.

In Christ,

Stephen and Lydia CHOI