Presenting Christ to Cambodia

Living Water BP Church land, Dangdong

Dear Prayer and Mission Co-workers,

We greet you in the precious name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

There is a couple who are serving the Glory BP Church in Phnom Penh. Like Priscilla and Aquila in the Bible, they are very faithful. The husband’s name is Sokhum, and his wife’s name is Kongkea. They operate a small iron factory that makes doors and windows out of iron. Every week, with their three children, they faithfully attend Sunday worship services and Saturday prayer meetings. No matter how busy they are, the factory is closed on Sunday and they let all employees go to church.

Because of the Covid-19, which started last year, it was difficult to operate the factory because there were not as many jobs to do. At that time, we entrusted them with the work of laying the cement wall of the Living Water BP Church. This church is located in Dangdong, Takeo province.

We realized that it was in God’s providence to use Sokhum for this project, during this time of hardship. So, we give all the thanks and glory to God. The blessings continued, for as soon as work started, the electricity and water came to that church land. Even before the start of the construction of the wall around the property, we were grateful that our Heavenly Father had prepared the necessary things from the beginning. How wonderful His grace!

Every Friday afternoon this year, several teachers from the Gospel BP Church have been going to present the Gospel to the children in the village of Dangdong. Now every week, the village children give praise to the Lord, listen to the Word as it is taught, and learn about salvation. The laughter of the children resonates throughout the village. How pleased the Lord must be to see these children and teachers.

Friends, it was not our planning or in our strength that started the building of the walls of God’s church in such a difficult time. Yet we know that in the Lord’s time and by His will amazing things are accomplished. The wall itself will go around the entire property. So, we ask you to pray together with us for the Lord’s guidance in all things in this matter.

Looking back on last year, in November six brethren were baptized (four sisters and one brother) from the Gospel BP Church. Then looking ahead to Easter this year, we are planning to appoint six deacons to serve in our churches (five in the Gospel Church and one in the Glory Church). Their names are Saori, Thyda, Rithy, Sokrith, Kongkea, and Sokhum. Please pray for the six baptized new members, and the six that are scheduled to become deacons and deaconesses, that they will love the Lord and serve His church.

In January of this year, Brother Sithat of the Gospel BP Church graduated from the 12th grade and entered the Presbyterian Seminary in Cambodia. We are thankful that his decision to go to seminary was a voluntary one and not because we influenced him to go.

Also, Brother Samneang, who had been attending this seminary, decided to quit working at the church so he could earn money outside. You don’t know how it hurt our hearts for him to do so without consultation with us first. In any case, we thank the Lord for His grace in preparing Brother Sithat in advance, to take up his studies.

So far, several brothers and sisters have tried this path, but have failed to pass it several times. In our experience, most of the students who entered the seminary at our recommendation failed. Only those who volunteered have fought through the difficulties of the studies. In the future, we pray that Brother Sithat will be well educated and trained in his studies, and will pass all of his courses. So once again, please pray for his studies, and that he may be used in leading the Living Water BP Church.

Every year, we set a new theme for our church. This year’s theme is the three colors of the Gospel:

(Red) I believe that the blood of Jesus washed away my sins. (Isaiah 1:18, Revelation 7:14)

(White) I love Jesus who has clothed me in His righteousness. (Revelation 19:8)

(Yellow) I wish to walk with Jesus on the golden streets (Revelation 21:21).

Finally, as you know last year Lydia was hospitalized for some time. But now, she has recovered by the grace of God. While we stayed in our hometown in Korea for about five months, she had her gallbladder removed and a second treatment for the liver cystoma, which was also very effective. We know that was a result brought about by God’s great and wonderful compassion, and at the same time, thanks to your prayers and support.

In Christ,

Stephen and Lydia CHOI