July, 2021

 Dear Prayer Partners and Friends,

               As the Lord has been so good to us, we can only praise His name.  That list includes birthdays, our 54th wedding anniversary, and those doctors’ appointments reminding us that we are getting older (in reasonably good health); we are thankful for vitamins, doctors, medicines and oils that keep us going. Thank you for your prayers!

               At home, we are thankful for Hebrews 13:2, “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers (and friends): for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”  We have had the opportunity to entertain some just traveling through, and some who have come to stay a few days.  This has been such a blessing to us, and hopefully to them, too.

               Our older friends have met two times for fun, food and fellowship.  We are so weary of the current pandemic concerns, and just want to get out some.  This has been a wonderful time for all.

               The Monday Kids-Club is going great. And although we all took a break for July, we will begin again soon.  The kids have been on vacation with their parents and having fun on their summer break. 

               The Tuesday Bible study at Putney is doing quite well.  We are covering the book study entitled Overcomers for the Lord, by Dr. David Jeremiah.  The study brings out many of the Biblical characters who overcame numerous difficulties in their day, which is certainly pertinent to the situations in our world today.  Recently, on a Tuesday, we showed the movie, The Overcomers.  It, too, challenged us to overcome evil with good, and to be overcomers for our Lord.

               There have also been many calls and contacts with the ministry in Kenya.  We are thankful how the Lord’s blessing is evident, and that the work is moving forward.  Thank the Lord there are very few spiritual problems that we know of.  The IPC Presbytery in Kitui has proven themselves able to handle most of the problems.  We are thankful that Juma is helping Joel in his church, and hear that the church is growing.  Joel got married and it seems to have matured him. 

            A new church, Mukaini IPC, has been meeting under a tree as they work on their building.  However, there was a concern that as they were “ready to put the roof on” they found out that the walls were not strong enough to hold the roof. After consulting with some builders here in the US and in Kenya, we have found out that it will need a stronger ring beam, and two pilasters (supporting columns) on each side of the building. We do thank those who have given toward this church so far, including some gifts for the roof.  As of now, things are on hold until they can get funds for cement, more bricks, and metal for the new ring beam.  When this is done, the roofing can continue.  Pastor Paul and his son have dug a 15’ hole for the outdoor toilet; it will need to be enclosed also. Please pray with us for the needs of the Mukaini Church.

            The IPC Presbytery has also appointed a committee to oversee the construction on these churches, so that hopefully what took place at the Mukaini Church will not happen again.  It is difficult to rebuild or reinforce buildings when the work was not done right the first time.

               Over at the Bethel Bible and Technical Schools, teaching continues.  Recently, 20 graduated from the technical school.  They had electricity in the building, but the termites ate the power pole and it fell. Thankfully it has been replaced by the electric company.  The school does need an electric meter so they can once again be connected to the electric lines.  There is also a need for some painting in the dorm and classrooms. Hopefully, that can be done in January when the SOME team is there.

               As you know, the SOME team is now planned for January 4 – 24, 2022. Please pray that the team (from Chile and the USA) will be able to go without any hitches! Pray that the coronavirus will be under control by January, and that the team will not be affected by lockdowns. There are a lot of classes they can teach, churches to conduct Sunday Schools and preach in, physical jobs to be done, but greatest is sharing the Word and encouraging the people in that land!  They have likewise felt the pressure of this lockdown and need help.

“Distributing to the necessity of saints; given to hospitality.” Romans 12:13

In closing, please pray for the following needs:

  1. An electric meter for the Bethel Bible School.
  2. Building supplies to complete the Mukaini Church.
  3. Our continued health and strength as we serve the Lord.

Thank you for your prayers, and faithful support for us and the ministry here and in Kenya.

 Sincerely, in His service,                                                                                                          

The Johnsons