Serving the Lord in Guatemala

February, 2022

To all prayer co-workers who are overcoming difficult times with hope and faith, we pray that the year 2022 will be a year of thanksgiving with the fruit of faith and hope.

            So far, the coronavirus situation in Guatemala is the same as last year, without any drastic changes. We keep up with social distancing and wear a mask. Some private schools have started in-person classes, but the preparation for these classes (i.e. the disinfecting of the facility) is the responsibility that each school must deal with. There are still many students who have not been vaccinated, so the Ministry of Education does not recommend in-person classes yet. So, according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Education, Zion Middle School will start classes virtually, again. Most churches are also cautiously moving to in-person worship, yet their activities are still limited. Under such circumstances, we pray that we will live today, looking to our Lord Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of our faith, who is our living hope, and who ultimately saves our souls by grace through faith alone.

            Debra started online Bible reading and English classes for the 2021 graduates of Zion Middle School on January 4th. Although it started with eight students, the high school classes are divided into mornings and afternoons (depending on each school), so it is uncertain whether the class will be able to continue because there are not many students who can participate. She is communicating with the students to find the best way for all. Please pray for this matter to be solved wisely.

            Caleb met with some locals from Patzicia to discuss the possibility of establishing a much needed technical school. Some of the feedback Caleb has received show the local atmosphere would be unwelcoming to people from other areas, and that there is a concern for the public security and safety which has deteriorated because of the coronavirus. Since, they feel, technical schools should be established in a location where goods can be stored safely and personal safety is guaranteed, it’s of the opinion of these locals that it is better to start a technical school in a city where at least it is safer than the countryside.

            We started our ministry in Kenya in May 1998 and we were called by God to Guatemala in May 2008. Over the past 14 years, the Christian population in Guatemala has been growing and the opportunities to share the gospel are ever increasing. Sure, everyone is slowing down due to the coronavirus, but the Lord’s message can reach out to more people despite any pandemic. From our own experience, we strongly think that for a long-term ministry we need our own center for education and training, especially with conditions as they are now. We need a place where we can meet freely to plan and train young people. Therefore, we ask for your consecrated prayers and financial support so that we might be able to purchase a property to be used as a mission center, that would be located within easy reach of the people in the countryside as well as those who can network with the city. We also see this as a place that can be used as a mission guest house, which could eventually be operated financially independent. It is a difficult time for everyone, but we believe that God has granted us such a vision, and humbly ask you to join us in prayer, support, and even ideas.

            Finally, would you please pray for Caleb, for God’s protection as he is meeting with many people in our area? Pray also for safety on the road and God’s protection from various dangers. And finally, please pray for Joshua in Belgium and for his plans to be fulfilled according to God’s guidance.

            Dear co-workers, we pray that our God will bless you and your families, and that all you experience through Him in this coming year will be to His glory.                                                                                                             

  In His endless love,
Caleb & Debra Kang