God’s Servant in Texas

March, 2022                                                                                                                                                                

“For thou, Lord hast made me glad through thy work;” Psa. 95:5a

Dear Supporters, Friends, and Family,

              Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus, who keeps and watches over us. I am so thankful for God’s constant help and strength.

              Looking back, I didn’t send out a letter at year’s end, so I wanted to catch you up on that information. I received my pacemaker on December 13th, without any pain or difficulty. It has been good. They set the pulse rate at 90 for the first month.  Then I went back a month later and my pulse was set for 80. Yesterday, I went in for the final setting, which is now 70. I feel more comfortable. Before, it felt like I was running a race and always trying to keep up; now I feel more like myself.  Also, I did get my CPAP machine back in January, and am adjusting to it every day.

              However, the adventure continues. The other night I fell at our doorstep and hit my head on the corner of the house. I got help to stand up and didn’t think I was hurt – just a skin scrape above the eye.  Naturally I felt a bit shocked and embarrassed.  After settling down I thought nothing about it. But the next morning, at the doctor’s office, my blood pressure was high (itusually goes up when I go to a doctor). So the doctor put me on blood pressure medication, which I did and recorded the pressure an hour later.  Later I remembered that I had fallen! I went to my regular doctor, who said to take my blood pressure in the evening and watch for signs of damage; so far nothing. My heart doctor said to stay on the medication. So I am continuing the routine every morning, taking the medicine, and one hour later I take my blood pressure and record it.

              Here in Texas we have experienced cold winter temperatures with rain and storms.              A bad ice and sleet storm went around us, for which we are thankful. Several days later, one evening, it snowed for several hours, enough to cover the ground. The children went out to play in the snow that night. By morning it had turned to rain, and so there was very little snow left. That was our only snow so far.

              The cold winter months have not been good for me.  With very little activity, I seemed to gain some unwanted weight. Now I want to try to lose some as spring approaches. This is the time of year I like.

              Back in the fall of 2020, Josey and her family moved two houses down from us on the same side of the street. While in school, we did not see the children very much. They did well in school. Then during this last summer we saw the children when the work schedule of their parents overlapped, which was several times in a week; this continued this past fall.  By the middle of January 2022, Shawn took a second job from 5-9pm, resulting in us having the children after school until 9pm, when he would pick them up.

For three or more years, Laura has worked the 3-11pm shift, because Shawn was home.  Well, ten days ago another shift was needed. Laura changed her hours to 11 am – 7pm to better serve us all. We now keep the children from the time they get out of school until their mom comes and takes them home. The two days she is off we do not see them. The children are growing and it is interesting to watch them grow and mature. Little Jesse began school this year and is liking it – that is once he learned to sit and stay in his seat!

              I continue with my eye appointments and take my medications regularly, but I cannot say my eyes are getting better, but worse. At church I cannot see across the room and tell who is standing there, nor read the screen for the songs during the services. I am able to read however, with the help of a magnifying glass. It seems that print is getting smaller all the time! Even emails and text messages are getting harder to read and answer. So, if you find mistakes in an email or text from me, please excuse it. I have also started to use a cane when I go out to church and for doctors’ appointments. One time last year the children and I went for a walk, and I got tired. Gordon went into the bushes beside the road and came back with a slender stick. The top looks like a deer head with horns; I have gotten many comments about it. I am trying to keep from falling as much as possible. I thank God in the times that I have fallen, I have not broken any bones (and don’t want to either)!

              In June 2022, my youngest sister and her husband will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. I am looking forward to going, Lord willing. If we can manage it – pray for us.

Finally dear friends, I am so very grateful for each and every one who is giving to my monthly support and prayer. I thank you and I pray the Lord to bless and reward you, and meet your needs.

Sincerely in Him,
Joan Davenport