Serving the Lord in East

August, 2022

Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established. Psalm 16:3

Dear co-laborers in Christ,

Greetings in the blessed name of our Lord!

            Life is always filled with the unexpected. Over the past few months, we have experienced some things that we had not planned for nor expected. We wanted to share three of those things that brought on some frustration; yet they ultimately helped us trust the Lord even more.

            The most unexpected matter was a new family member coming in October. Yes, Mijung is pregnant. We did not know until the 25th week because we thought it was not possible. No, it was not part of our plan, but still, we thank God for His gift! Although we have raised three children, we will probably need to learn about new changes in raising an infant. Our third born, Hahyun, was born in Kenya in 2009; delivering a child in Kenya was not bad at all. However, due to Mijung’s age, and some other matters, we have decided to have this new one delivered in Korea. So, Mijung flew to Korea in June and will be there for a few months for delivery and recovery. Pray for Mijung for the blessed delivery and for Eben as he takes care of the rest of the kids for the next few months.

            The second unexpected matter was about Haeun’s plan. A few months ago, we discussed how she would spend her life. We reminded her how our family had been sustained by God’s grace and the sacrificial support of churches and friends. After a few weeks of consideration and prayer, she was burdened to serve others as a nurse. We thank God for such a heart and hope she glorifies our Lord as she does. And we request your prayer so the Lord may lead her with her desire.

            Now, everything seemed fine until we applied for a US Visa, and the embassy scheduled the interview for August 2023. Yes, 2023! Currently, most US visa applicants are waiting for an average of 600 days in Kenya. We applied for an “expedited visa interview” but that was rejected. So she will have to fly to Korea to apply from there. We pray for the Lord to open the door for her so that she can continue to prepare herself to serve the Him. We request your prayer for her ongoing plan.

            The third is about the election, which is not unexpected. We were in Kenya in 2007 and have seen the violence and riots in various parts of this country. We remember those thousands of people who died during the post-election crisis. So, yes, there is some tension in the country today. Some media outlets say the coming election could be worse than in 2007, while others say there won’t be such a problem. We don’t know what will happen, but we will be here in Kenya. So, pray for God’s protection during such times. Pray for unity in Kenya, and for the presidential election on August 9, that God’s peace will rule in men’s hearts.  

Here are prayer requests for the mission field. 

● Pray for Kenya to have a peaceful electoral process and Election Day on August 9, 2022

● Pray for the BCEA (Bible College of East Africa) 

  • For the colleges in Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania  
  • For graduates in the ministry
  • For the upcoming 3rd term, scheduled for September 5  
  • For international students; obtaining a student visa is becoming more complicated  
  • For safety on the college compounds  
  • For wisdom and strength for our teachers  
  • For Eben as he teaches. He has taught Angelology and Anthropology for 3rd year students and Ecclesiology for 4th year students; Calvinism and Homiletic Practice in the 2nd term. He will teach Christology for 3rd year students and Eschatology for 4th year students, the book of Revelation, Intertestamental History, Tabernacle, and Homiletic Practice in the 3rd term. So please pray for God’s wisdom to be upon him.

● Pray for the BCEA campus church

  • For the worship service every Lord’s Day  
  • For the choirs and fellowship gatherings
  • For the church members   

● Pray for the Yoon family

  • For God’s provision and protection  
  • For our children’s studies and spiritual life  
  • For Haeun’s visa and plan to go to the US  
  • For Eben and Mijung, for spiritual and physical strength  

            We thank God for His protection and provision throughout our lives here in Kenya. Looking back, we don’t know how we could have come this far without Him. We are also thankful for your prayers and support. Because there are brethren like you, who serve the mission in the homeland, we can do the tasks in the field. Continually, co-labor with us; the fruit in the mission field is also your testimony. May the Lord bless those who labor together for His kingdom and glory.

                                                                                                In Christ,

                                                                                    Eben, Mijung, Haeun, Hajin, & Hahyun