Ministering for the Lord in Brazil

September, 2022

                   “The Lord hath done great things for us; Whereof we are glad.”  Psalm 126:3

Dear brethren and friends in Christ,

            As we share greetings to all, in the name of our beloved Savior, we trust you are well and enjoying the blessings of the Lord, together with your families. Now, we are pleased to write and share with you our ministry in Brazil over the six months, since our last letter in February.

1. Conference for the Ministers of Brazil

            We give our thanks to God for the completed successful spiritual conference for the ministers of the Brazil Fundamental Presbyterian Church in Northeast Brazil, held June 21-23 at the Kastel Manibu Recife Hotel in Recife, along the Atlantic seaside. There were 42 participating pastors and their wives. We invited lecturer Rev. Yong Gol Yi, who is a veteran pastor of the Young Saeng Korean Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The title of the conference was “Thriving Pastor! Thriving Church!”

            These Brazilian pastors and their wives had never stayed in a hotel before because they have been living in the remote areas of Northeast Brazil since their birth. They were provided three meals per day and stayed in the hotel, all free of charge. In truth, they could not have paid to participate in the conference. The Pastoral Training Support Institute for Church Growth in the U.S. (President Rev. Yong Kol Yi) donated $5,600.00. Also, the Bethesda Korean Church in São Paulo, Deaconess Park, the Min Jun family, and our family donated $11,000.00 for the conference expenses. The participants were filled with deep gratitude even before the conference began, and they were more than satisfied with all the lectures from the speakers: Rev. Yong Kol Yi and Rev. Myung Ho Yoon.

2. Brazilian Churches and Seminaries Update   

        Thanks to the Lord, the Brazil Fundamental Presbyterian Churches and seminaries are doing well, without interruption, in their activities despite the pandemic difficulties over these past two years. The Brazil Fundamental Presbyterian Seminaries continue to instruct and train men and women for the ministry, and the Brazil Fundamental Presbyterian churches are using all they learned from the June pastor’s conference in Recife, to reach the lost for Christ and to build up the believers in Christ.

3. Sitio Apertado Fundamental Presbyterian Church

            Back on July 28, 2006 we inaugurated the completed Sitio Apertado Fundamental Presbyterian Church, in the state of Paraiba, Northeast Brazil. This church was situated in the mid-slope of a mountain at the Sitio Apertado. But the church building was damaged because of a storm with strong rain. After that the roof and walls were greatly damaged so much that the church members could not worship there on Sunday. Therefore, Rev. Kim’s family was happy to donate to cover the expenses to rebuild the chapel. Construction began in May of 2022, and should be finished by the end of this September.

            May you be encouraged by this report, to see how gracious our God is to His children.

                                                                                                            In Christ,
Rev. Woo Sun & Mrs. Sook Ja Kim