Serving the Lord in East Africa

December, 2022

O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever. Psalm 136:1

Dear co-laborers in Christ, greetings in the blessed name of our Lord!

            In our August prayer letter, we laid down several prayer requests concerning some unexpected matters in the mission field. With those items in mind, we’d like to begin this letter with various items of thanksgiving.

            First, we thank God and thank you for your prayers concerning our new family member. In September, the Lord gave us a boy, “Ha-el”. The name “Ha-el” connotes “Our God is the One and only God.” Mijung had to go through a c-section due to a placenta previa; it was her first time delivering by surgery. We thank God for the quick recovery and good health of both mother and child. By the way, for those who are not familiar with our children’s Korean names, here is the meaning. Ha-Eun, our firstborn, means God’s grace. Ha-Jin means God’s truth. Ha-Hyun contains that manifestation or appearance of God. So, those names connote “the grace and the truth of God that has appeared through the testimony of our family.” Eben, Haeun, Hajin, and Hahyun have yet to meet our new family member. We are so excited to be able to meet Ha-el within a month. Do pray for the Yoon family as we are planning to travel.

Secondly, we thank God for the successful academic year of 2022 for the Bible College of East Africa. When the term began earlier this year, we were not sure whether the students would successfully complete their academic year. Though there could be delays caused by the uprisings of COVID cases and possible tension during the presidential election, the Lord made the way. While we had spent 2020 and 2021 with worries, we could spend 2022 with great expectations and joy, witnessing His guidance. Another blessing was the graduation. After two years, we finally had a “normal” graduation. There was a relatively number of graduates as many quit during COVID. But we are still excited to testify of the brethren who had endured to serve the Lord. Do pray for the graduates as they minister to the Lord in various parts of Africa.

            Thirdly, in our last letter, we mentioned and requested prayer about Haeun’s visa. Her expedited visa interview was eventually refused, and the US Embassy still suggested she takes the interview next year. After thoughtful prayer and some advice from various friends, we decided to send her to Korea to have her visa interview. What made this a dramatic testimony was that she got her visa a few days before the deadline for college. Getting a visa is so difficult and challenging on the mission field, but it just took a few days in Korea.  Haeun had to travel by herself from Korea to the USA, learning also, by herself how to live in a foreign land. And by the grace of God, she is managing very well. We thank God for our furlough six years ago in America as the experience really helped her to get adjusted. But most of all, our God is her Father as she walks through the journey of life. Kindly pray for her as she prepares for the work of the Lord. If you wish to contact her, Haeun’s email is

            Fourthly, we thank God for peace. There was tension and rumors during the elections. But the whole matter was done peacefully. Thank you for your prayer as well. As you pray for this country, do pray for the rain. Nairobi has not received enough rain for many months, even the college was painted with dust and dried leaves and grass. But recently, it rained here. However, in most of parts in Kenya, people are suffering from the drought. Some said it’s the worst drought in their lives. With such an extreme situation, living costs have risen too high. The price of fuel and maize flour, the basic meal for Kenyans, has doubled. Therefore, do pray for heavenly provision over the creatures and His intervention over the stability of the economy in Kenya.

Here are prayer requests for the mission field. 

· Pray for Kenya

  • for the drought and economic stability

· Pray for the BCEA (Bible College of East Africa) 

  • for all colleges in Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania
  • for graduates in their ministry
  • for the new term, starting January 9, 2023
  • visas for international students
  • for our teachers, for wisdom and strength
  • for Eben as he teaches next term

· Pray for the BCEA campus church

  • for worship service every Lord’s Day
  • for Christmas and New Year’s services 
  • for choirs and fellowships
  • for the church members

· Pray for the Yoon family

  • for the provision and protection of God
  • for the journey mercies; especially with Hael 
  • for our children, their studies and their spiritual life
  • for Haeun’s study in the US
  • for Eben and Mijung for spiritual and physical strength 

            The year 2022 was so uncertain when it began. But our gracious God has reminded us that He has been in control of everything. We thank God for such sufficient testimonies He has granted us this year. Thank you also for your love, care, prayer, and support. Some of you even showed your love for Haeun by encouraging her on our behalf. We are really in debt for brotherly love in Christ.

            We always believe that the Lord wants us to keep our testimony moving. We have sufficient reasons and purpose to serve in Kenya. The college, the church ministry, and the testimonies of the missionaries must not be stopped but should be prosperous. Therefore, pray for us and continually join our works from the homeland so that we may tirelessly see His works through His people in the mission field. May the Lord bless all of you as you close the year 2022 and have another blessed year of 2023. Have a Merry Christmas.

                                                                                                In Christ,

                                                                            Eben, Mijung, Haeun, Hajin, Hahyun & Hael