God’s Servant in Texas

March, 2023                                                                                                                                                                

“O Give thanks unto the Lord for He is good, for His mercy endureth forever.” Psalm136:1

Dear Supporters, friends and family,

            Greetings in this new year of 2023, which is going by very fast! I am thankful for each day the Lord gives me. I think I am in good health, and try to keep myself busy. While the boys are in school, I work here in the house putting stamps into albums.  I am also doing the family laundry, so having to check on the washing machine keeps me from sitting for long periods of time.

            When the boys get back home from school, I change occupations and become a “baby sitter”.  For a while Beth was taking Josey and others back and forth to work; however, their car quit on them! She often takes Shawn (Isaac’s dad) to work, Jesse to school in the morning, and then needs to pick them both up after work and school.  Now she is helping Shawn’s mother following her heart surgery (quadruple bypass surgery).  Thankfully she is getting better and does not require as much help as before.  

            I see from the news that many parts of the country are getting snow. We here in Texas are having only rain.  I am thankful that the storms and tornadoes went around us, but I am sad for the destruction that happened in those places. God is gracious.

            My next eye exam is in April. I go every two or three months. My doctor is watching that my macular degeneration stays “dry”. Although the eye continues to deteriorate, I find I have good peripheral vision.  I thank the Lord for what I have, and continue with my medications and vitamins, trusting the Lord to take care of me in all things.

            Because some of you did not receive my Christmas letter and its news, I am going to repeat it. Back in November I flew to Utah and spent Thanksgiving with my sister and family. I also had the opportunity to see the girls I had taken up there in June of 2022. Thanks for your prayers. They are doing well.  They are missing us, but are happy with the love and care they are receiving and did well in school this past fall. 

            I also want to thank you for all the Christmas cards and news I received through the year. It is nice to hear from everyone. May this year 2023 be a blessing to all. 

            Let me close with a special thank you to my supporters for your faithful giving and prayers. So, may He richly bless you for your gifts, and faithfulness to the Lord. 

Sincerely, in Him,
Joan Davenport