Serving the Lord in East Africa

April, 2023

Dear co-laborers in Christ,

The LORD shall preserve thee from all evil: he shall preserve thy soul. The LORD shall preserve

thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore . Psalm 121:7-8

            We would like to begin our prayer letter by reflecting on the incident that happened to Eben on the second day of January 2023. The accident happened when he slid on the slippery floor at his house. As he fell, his left wrist hit a broken cup that was ready to be thrown away. This caused two of his tendons (Palmaris Longus and Flexor Carpi Radial) and one of his arteries (Radial Artery) to get cut. He had to go through ER in Nairobi, and have it taken care of. After nine hours of waiting at the ER, the surgery was finally begun. The Lord provided a good doctor and the operation went well. It took a while for Eben to use his left hand, and the wrist is almost completely healed after four months now. 

            Eben has visited the hospital in many times in Kenya as he helped others, but it was his first time being admitted to the hospital. It was a valuable lesson and experience in the hospital. Also, it was a good rest before the opening of the new term of 2023. Thank God for His care and provision during those three days in the hospital. Thank you for your prayers. We are safe in the arm of Jesus as He listens to the prayer of saints.

Pray for Kenya

            We thank God for the rains in most parts of Kenya. Still, many areas are struggling due to the drought and resulting famine. Also, the economic situation is not very stable. The price of maize flour has doubled for a year now. In addition, as living is getting harder, security is becoming more insecure! So with that in mind, please pray for…  

  • The ongoing drought in Kenya  
  • Economic stability
  • Security on campus and in traveling

Bible College of East Africa

            The last four months has passed like lightening. We thank God for 13 new students who joined this term; now the college has 74 students in 1st term.  Would you pray for God to send another batch of new students next term? Also, pray for a passion and a desire for the Word of God. The trend today demands a shorter curriculum and online lectures. Even many other theological colleges are struggling due to the lack of

full-time students. So, pray for enough students and pray for sufficient knowledge and training of pastors. Therefore brethren would you kindly…

  • Pray for all colleges in Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania. 
  • Pray for the April 22 graduation of BCEA Tanzania, where Dr. and Mrs. Park are serving. (Eben will travel to attend the graduation.)
  • Pray for graduates now in the ministry. (Many struggle because the economic situation)
  • Pray for the second term of 2023, which starts May 1st
  • Pray for visas for our international students. 
  • Pray for our teachers for wisdom and strength. 
  • Pray for Eben; he will teach Anthropology, Ecclesiology, Calvinism, and Homiletic Practice.  

Pray for the BCEA Campus Church

  • For its Lord’s Day worship services, and the choirs and fellowships as they meet
  • For the church members

Pray for the Yoon Family

  • For God’s continued provision and protection
  • For the children here in Kenya, in their studies and their spiritual lives
  • For Haeun’s studies in college in the USA
  • For Eben and Mijung, for spiritual and physical strength

      Looking back, it was an unexpected accident. Although it was not a small injury, it was not fatal. Then, we realized how God has always protected our family all these 18 years in Kenya. Yes, there was a time of severe sickness and cancer, attacks by robbers with guns, thieves, dangerous roads, various car accidents, angry mobs, economic crisis, COVID, etc. Looking back, it was because of His grace, we have come this far. Indeed, “…Hitherto hath the LORD helped us.” (1 Samuel 7:12) We praise our Lord for such testimony we have surely obtained on the mission field.

      Thank you for your prayer again. “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much” (James 5:16b). Because He answers prayer, we are enabled to experience marvelous works of grace. We still believe that you are participating in our work with us. Therefore, the works and testimonies in Kenya must be your testimonies as well. Let us continue to serve the Lord through prayer so that His work and our testimonies may continue for His honor and His kingdom. May the Lord keep all of us until He comes.

                                                                                                In Christ,

                                                                                    Eben, Mijung, Haeun, Hajin, Hahyun, and Hael