Serving the Lord in Kenya, Tanzania & Rwanda

August, 2023

Dear Co-Laborers in the Lord,

              Greetings from East Africa in the precious Name of our Lord. 

We praise God for your prayer and support, which enables us through His grace to fulfil our ministry.  With thanksgiving, we share what the Lord has done.

1. International Covenant Christian College (formerly BCEA-RW) is headed for its opening, by God’s grace. 

              We thank God that the new Education Center building (pictured above), on which construction began in January, is now complete.  The lower level will be used for training kindergarten teachers, while the upper level will be used to offer computer and media skills.  We praise God that the structure was completed with no accidents or injuries. 

              Prayer is now requested that our application for accreditation will gain approval at the levels of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.  It is up to the Lord.  We ask for your prayer for the opening of the College, and that these grounds will be used to train ministers of the Gospel in these last days.

2. The Campus Church is Growing by the Grace of God.

              On July 21, we had a special service for the elderly (60 and above).  After the proclamation of the Word, nearly 40 stood to accept Christ as Savior and Lord.  It is truly a privilege to witness God’s work, especially amongst many of those who are facing the end of their lives. We hold elderly invitation services periodically, but at this time, it was a joy to be with Rev. Taeyoon Ahn, who formerly served in Kenya with us under IBPFM.  Rev. Ahn visited our ministry with a mission team from his church in London.  Starting with the elderly invitation service, the team served the surrounding village through a Vacation Bible School.  Over 8,000 villagers and children visited the ministry grounds during this time: from young and old, to teenagers and single mothers.  On one day, as many as 1,700 children gathered to sing songs, to hear the good news of Jesus Christ, and to memorize the saving promises of His Word.  Our prayer is that every soul who enters this compound will hear the Word and respond in obedience to God’s gift of salvation.  May no opportunity be wasted, and may all who serve on these grounds be faithful in service.

              Every week, nine home-cell gatherings are held throughout the surrounding villages.  The pastoral staff preaches from a set schedule of passages, and there are typically 25-50 church members at each of the gatherings.  We praise God that the weekly gatherings have become blessed times of learning the Word, of giving thanks, and of sharing prayer requests.  We ask for your fervent prayer, that the church be built up through the power of His Word, and that the members will be equipped for every good work as they become conformed to the image of His precious son Jesus Christ.

              There are many who are sick amongst our church members.  We request your special prayer for Karimba Jean Bosco, who broke his hip bone after falling four months ago.  He must undergo a surgery that is extremely dangerous, but left untreated, he is at risk of losing his life.  By God’s grace, missionary doctors serving in Rwanda at Nanuri Medical Center have given valuable advice and help.  We have decided to arrange for his surgery, and request prayer that the Lord will be gracious to heal him and strengthen him.

3. Please be in Prayer for Missionaries

              “The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few” (Matthew 9:37).  We pray for committed co-labourers to join in the work of the Lord’s harvest in this region.  We pray that He will send those who are committed to obeying and teaching His Word.  We also request prayer for our family’s health as we seek to serve him in a manner that is pleasing to Him.  We are grateful for your prayers and support of love, and remember you in our prayers also.  May God provide for your needs during these difficult times.  We hope and trust that you will remain strong in the Lord. 

                                                                                                In the bond of Christ,

                                                                        Kyung Soo (Mark) Kim and Hang Sook (Hannah) Rhee