June, 2024

Dear Supporters and Prayer partners,

            Psalm 95:1-3 “O come let us sing unto the Lord; let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation.  Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving and make a joyful noise unto him with psalms.  For the Lord is a great God and a King above all gods.”

            Certainly God has been, and always will be faithful!  As I, Gary, was preparing to leave for Kenya as a medical missionary some 59 years ago, my Uncle Bill and Aunt Casey Stribling signed a paper that they would support me for as long as they could.  Well, Uncle Bill passed some years ago, but Aunt Casey continued until her home-going this past April.  She had been to Kenya with us more than once, helped some brethren there, and encouraged many, many more!  To this day, folks in Kenya ask about her, as her love and labors for Kenya and Mexico (where her daughter and her family serve as missionaries), do carry on. 

            For more than two years now, the Kenya Government has promised that they would bring electricity to the Bethel Bible School and to the mission property in Isovya.  They NEED the electricity so that the mission can replace the old gas fridge and freezer, which is needed for the SOME teams.  The teams have not gone for two years, mainly because there is no way to keep food cold or frozen.  The mission property is not near a store, so supplies need to be brought in from Nairobi and kept for at least four weeks for the team’s use. Please pray that the electricity will soon come to the station!

            We have been blessed each Memorial Day, for six years, to have the Matt Carroll Family with us. They provide music and ministry to three churches when here, and also we have a picnic on Memorial Day for neighbors and friends.  This year we had 20 here at our house, for the picnic and fellowship.  The Carrolls are such a blessing to us, and so many others!  

            Some have been asking about the Monday Bible Club. We were regularly having the two boys, and one of their sisters, who love Queen Esther, Ruth, and Naomi.  Also, there is a set of four-year-old twins who come sometimes.  Currently the clubs are on a summer break, as families go on vacation, and kids want to be playing. But we are praying for them all through the summer and look forward to starting up again later in the year.

            A major prayer request is for the Putney Memorial Church.  Shawn Shamblin and his family have been faithful to preach and be present on Sunday mornings.  The attendance is usually about 12.  Gary has been doing a Tuesday Bible study and prayer meeting, with four or five in attendance. We live 30 miles away from the church, so we would ask you to pray that the Lord will guide us as to whether we should continue the prayer meeting.

            We were recently asked to speak to a 2nd grade class at a local Christian School.  It is always a joy to share Christian missions with children!  They love the stories about children in Africa, and also about animals there.  And the joy is that children do remember these things for years to come.

            Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer and support.  We also enjoy hearing from you, via email, phone, or on Facebook.  May God bless you this summer, as we all desire to serve Him daily.

                                                                                                            Yours in His love and service,

                                                                                                                           Gary and Pat Johnson