Update: The Jara Family | The Andes Mission

Andes Mission

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Greeting you in the Name of our heavenly Father, we wish all of you a happy and fully blessed 2016.

After a truly hard 2015 because of Janeth’s illness, we are really hoping to have a better year. Thanks to God, Janeth is slowly recovering but taking it more calmly and resting as doctors have prescribed. We want to thank you for all your prayers, financial help and moral support. May our Lord reward you for this.

We are really happy because we could have our Christmas program last December. All children and teenagers along with their parents participated in singing, reciting and acting. It is always a blessing to remember Jesus our Saviour’s birthday. Each child was given a bag with candies. The president of the neighbors’ committee, where our church is located, asked our children to go and sing Christmas carols in an activity they had organized. This made us very happy since it was a great opportunity to have closer links with our neighbors.

After a long while, Janeth was able to be in charge of the Sunday school on January 3rd. Along with our own thanks to the Lord, there was great joy from the whole congregation who were really happy to see her back taking part in the ministry at Berea Church. Then on January 7th a group of young people from Santiago, Chillán and Curicó, led by Pastor David Carreño, visited us and gave testimony of the idea of how to get started and do missions in our neighboring country of Bolivia. Their visit was really motivating, especially for the young members of our congregation, but adults also enjoyed the occasion.

Our son had the opportunity, for which we are very thankful to the Lord, to travel to the south of Chile to visit our family there. The last time Jonathan Edward was there he was eight years old and now he is sixteen. We know this trip was a great opportunity for him and his spiritual life as he visited some churches: Filadelfia Church in Chillan and Redentor Church in Coihueco. We are also very happy because our two daughters finished school. Melissa, who is fourteen, finished basic school and Ruth, who is seventeen, finished high school and now wants to study medical technology. We thank God for their lives as they always support us in our ministry.

Dear brethren, please continue praying for Janeth and for her brother, Daniel Jara, who suffers from severe diabetes and is becoming blind. We send you our warmest affection and we are always thankful for your spiritual and financial support.

“Praise ye the Lord; for it is good to sing praises unto our God, for it is pleasant and praise is comely.”
– Psalm 147:1

Your brothers and sisters in Christ,
-The Jara family