Serving the Lord in Guatemala

We greet you, dear coworkers in prayer, in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Last September, our family left for Brussels in Belgium. Our son, Joshua, was admitted to the University of Leuven. Brussels appeared to us worldlier than it was expected to be. Among the buildings which seemed beautifully boasting of their classic architecture, it was common to encounter beggars and many smokers. Some streets and stairs of the subway were full of trash and bad odors. Though there were many good places to visit and good people with kindness, we only saw things to be careful of just because we had to leave our son alone for the first time in his life in this strange city.

Joshua entered the dormitory (the international student house) from the day of arrival and was well adapted there, making many friends and starting the new stage of his life. Since then, struggles between separation and independence have remained only to us to handle. Confusing emotional ups and downs caused by a physical separation from him after 18 years living together (never thinking this day would come) and a strange reality of our little boy becoming a young man were mixing with many worries and anxieties invading Mom’s heart like a huge tide. It was only God’s grace and mercy upon us to pass through those days. Please pray for Joshua to stand firm in his faith to understand God’s will for his time in Belgium.

Zion Middle School

On November 4, the fourth graduation ceremony was held for Zion School. Approximately 275 family members and friends attended and 39 graduates were awarded diplomas.

Pray for the graduates (1) to be able to adapt to new environments and high schools, and (2) to continually seek God’s companionship and grace.

Registration for the year 2017 is now underway. Currently 58 students are registered. Pray for (1) students and teachers to grow spiritually in the Word of God, and (2) the need of a teacher and other materials for an English internet course.

We have been staying in US since October and have been visiting several churches and meeting many friends and supporters. We thank God for this refreshing time and fellowship. Pray for our remaining stay here to be more fruitful. We plan to return to Guatemala on December 14 and are trusting that God will provide a good reliable secondhand car to drive back. Our current vehicle is very unreliable and too costly with many repairs. Please pray with us for such a vehicle to be found before we return.

Please pray for us to understand God’s will in our life and ministry, so that we can live accordingly.

Your missionaries to Guatemala,
Caleb and Debra