Mission to Guatemala

Greetings in the LORD who has shown to us the unfailing trust in God,

It is already March and we are busy sorting out a lot of things due to our four-month absence. Zion Middle School started in January with 148 new students. The Bible Reading program began with the book of Matthew. Pray that, while reading the Word of God out loud with one voice every morning, the teachers and the students will be motivated to know God more deeply.

The first project to spread the seeds of the Word was started with the “Bible story Bulletin Board” in the school corridor (pictured above). The first story was the prayer Jesus taught in Matthew 6:1-16. Nobody can be sure of what impact there will be through this project, but pray that the Holy Spirit will enlighten the hearts of those who stop to read it.

Now we have a number of Zion School graduates. Silvia is one of the first graduates and studies education at San Carlos University on Saturdays. Caleb met her during lunchtime and spent time in conversation. She is working part-time at a clothing store and also helping her mother in the market. Her dream is to be a school teacher. It was a great joy for Caleb to hear that she remembered some Bible activity programs and enjoyed them very much. We pray that she remembers not only the activities but the Biblical lessons in them.

Kimberly and Abner (left), the second graduates, are enrolled in the final grade of high school in a city about 30 minutes from Patzicia. Their class starts in the afternoon, so Caleb met them at lunchtime before class. Kimberly wants to work in a call center. Therefore, she is diligently studying English and wants to improve her English to an advanced level. Abner is studying Management Administration. Having time with them gave us more ideas how to help them specifically. Pray for the wisdom to guide these young people with the Word of God accordingly.

In Zion School there is a cooking class. In February, Debra was asked to teach some Korean recipes to the third grade students. That was a wonderful time for her to have close fellowship with these students. In March, she is doing another special class with them. Pray that God will use all these means to spread His Word.

It has been more than six months since Joshua started his studies in Belgium. The emotional parting is still difficult. It is true that there have been some moments of uneasiness, through which we eventually are brought to kneel before God, confessing that we are weak facing our own distrust in His providential care for Joshua. The world pushes us to see the worries of the world, but Jesus shows us how we are to live.

“It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.’” (Matthew 4:4).

We look at Jesus and remember His promise in this critical time. Dear Brethren, pray for Joshua in detail. He is facing all kinds of temptations you can only imagine that young men face daily. Pray for God’s protection and His hand to lead him every single moment of his days. Pray for God’s Spirit grant Joshua wisdom, in whatever he does.

Thank you all, Prayer Partners.

In His Service,
Caleb and Debra Kang

IMPORTANT UPDATE FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Brethren, Caleb and Debra have requested once again that we earnestly pray for God’s provision concerning a safe and reliable vehicle. A Vehicle Fund has been established to facilitate this ministry need. We’re looking for $10,000.00. On behalf of the Kangs and their work, thank you for your prayerful consideration.