Partners with the Rickers in Guatemala

Our Dear Faithful Partners in Christ,

For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The Mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

Isaiah 9:6

Two Vacation Bible Schools Have the Theme “God’s Wonderful Plan”

Praise the Lord for the first Bible School that was held at the Montserrat Church November 11–15 and the second one on November 25–29 at the Los Angeles church. We had Bible stories, handwork, choruses, and refreshments. We didn’t have as many children as we had last year, but we did have a good spirit and averaged 55 in attendance. Personal counseling time was used to see if the children are saved or not. Some are definitely saved, and others received Christ as Savior, but there are still others that need salvation. Saturday, November 16, was the closing exercises in Montserrat; this year Hal gave the salvation message and Stephen led the lively singing of the choruses and reading the catechism questions. Over 30 parents and relatives came out to support the children, and we praise the Lord they also heard the Gospel message. Please pray with us that the good seed planted will be on good ground.


CIEF (Confederation of Evangelical Fundamental Churches) held its Reformation Day program at our Montserrat Church Sunday afternoon, October 27. The theme was “16th Century Reformation Teachings That the Church Cannot Forget.” The invited preacher, who knew much about the 16th century Reformation, spoke for more than an hour and held everybody’s attention. After the service there was fellowship, and tamales were served. Pray for a new pastor who wants to join our CIEF-Guatemala.

Pray for Stephen as he makes trips to the rural-area CIEF churches to raise funds to send a CIEF/Guatemalan delegate to the ICCC Congress in Puerto Montt, Chile, this January. Stephen had a fruitful trip to Puerto Montt, Chile, at the end of October to finalize the local details in preparation for the Congress. Please pray for the brethren in Chile as their country is suffering a political and social crisis, and that things will normalize in time for the ICCC.

Old Paths Historic Faith Bible Institute

Most of the students passed their final exams and we are happy for this. The new term will begin in January, and we would like for you to pray that new students will come and take advantage of the Bible Institute. We will make general announcements by radio, internet, posters, flyers, and visiting churches to promote the school. More importantly, pray that God will give us the right new students who will study and prepare to give of their lives to serve the Lord.

CIEF Christmas Fellowship

CIEF pastors and their wives will be meeting at the Ricker Home December 21. A big meal is planned, with testimonies and music afterward. Pray that the pastors and wives will be united in the defense of the Faith. The Executive Committee of CIEF met on Saturday, November 23, at the ICCC office in Guatemala. They planned for various activities in the Defense of the Faith for 2020. They are thankful for wisdom and direction of the Holy Spirit.

1602 Valera Purified Bibles

Trinitarian Bible Society of Guatemala received new Bibles that are another faithful version of the Valera 1602 Spanish translation; it follows the Textus Receptus and Masoretic Text. Pray for their distribution.

Free Bibles

Pray for those who have received the free Bibles that were made available, that they will read them and that God will use His Word to convict them of sin and turn in faith to the Lord Jesus Christ, for “Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God.” Recently Bibles have gone out to groups of 11, 7, 2, and 1. The persons handing out the Bible are to pray for the person to whom they will give it, and then pray for them as they read the Bible and that God will touch their souls and save them.

Hal and Joshua’s Health

We praise the Lord for Hal’s visit to the US for his annual medical checkup; everything turned out fine. He had an excellent time of fellowship with the brethren at the Faith Presbytery meeting, and the special ordination of Rev. Dr. Brad Gsell. Then on November 3, Joshua had an emergency appendectomy, and we thank the Lord that all is well. He is on the road to a full recovery.

Blessed Christmas Greetings

May we continue our focus on our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, as we celebrate His Incarnation at this special time of year. May this New Year be the new beginning of a renewed walk with our God.

Yours for the blessed Gospel,

The Rickers
Hal, Evelyn, Stephen, Juanita, Samuel and Joshua