April, 2021

Dear Prayer Partners,

            Greetings in the Name of Jesus, who daily sustains us! This year has been like riding on a very tall roller coaster, with many ups and downs. Plans for the SOME Team to Kenya in June was a high, as there were people from the US and Chile planning to go to participate. We were all excited! We all wondered if the team would be able to go, or will it be cancelled because of Covid-19? Then a low came as the CDC put a red flag on travel between the US and Kenya. That told us that it was a “no-go” for June. Many of the team were obviously discouraged, but within a couple of days were excited to reschedule for January 4-27, 2022.  Would you please pray with us that those who had paid for their flights will be able to get a full refund and be able to book new flights for next January? Many counties in Kenya are on lockdown because of Covid-19, and it is currently hitting harder in our Kitui district, with more positive cases and deaths.

            Many of you have heard us mention Pat’s sister, Drema, and her husband Alan Marion. They have been a wonderful help to us over the years, and we are so thankful for them. When Gary’s father passed away Alan agreed to take care of our finances here in the US so we could go back to the field for another eight years. He was also our IT person. Well, on February 10th Alan went to be with his Savior. He struggled the last two years and was ready to go. We miss him very much, but he is with the Lord, which is far better.

            Now that things are calming down a bit and not so up in the air, we are making plans for the summer. Gary continues with the Kids’ Bible Club in our home. They are learning the books of the Bible, and have even started learning the Catechism for Young Children. One of the mothers has asked for her own copy of the Catechism. We are so glad the Rickers had the little books printed in Guatemala and sent some up for us to use. 

            We are looking forward to having some family members from Ohio and Virginia here for a visit.  Also friends from Tennessee will be coming. There is also a family coming from Missouri who will be giving musical concerts in two churches, and we hope to visit the Ark Encounter with them. We are really looking forward to a time of great fellowship and blessings. 

            Another up and down has been the weather, as one day it’s very nice and warm, and another very cold and snow. Do we plant flowers or wait? And in Kenya, it has been the rainy season, yet very few days of rain. Please pray that the rains will continue a bit longer and fill the tanks for the people to drink, and enable the crops to grow so they can have a good harvest.

            The Daniel Matamala family, from Chile, are working on their English and praying about the January trip to Kenya. They have voiced an interest in going to Kenya full-time as medical missionaries in Isovya, and possibly reopening the clinic. Both Daniel and his wife are nurses. Kindly pray with us that the government would accept their credentials and give them freedom to have the clinic at that location if it is God’s will.

            We are so thankful for the SOME team leaders, Bonnie Leithmann from here, and Becky Rodriguez   from Chile. They have been busy reshaping the plans for the January ministry. Pray that all the members will be able to join the team, and perhaps some new ones.

            Thanks also, to those of you who have given to financially support the team to Kenya. Due to the change of dates, the Board will hold the funds until the team leaves in early January. The funds will not be used for anything else. Thank you also for your prayers during these ups and downs, and we ask that you would continue praying for God’s protection and leading of each team member.

            The two of us are daily reminded of Proverbs 16:9, “A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the Lord directeth his steps.” Also, in Lamentations 3 the prophet speaks of the mercies of the Lord, and in verse 23 he says that, “They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.”

Sincerely, in His service,                                                                                                          

The Johnsons