November, 2021

Dear Prayer Partners,

            How can we say “Thank You” enough for your help in our ministry for Christ? 

            Since our last letter, we have seen the Lord work in many ways.  We have done a lot of traveling as we visited churches, supporters, and also joined in on the Home Board’s outreach in Shanksville, PA, for the 9/11 Outreach.  It was wonderful to be able to give out more than 500 copies of the Gospel of John and Romans, nearly 1,000 God’s Simple plan of Salvation gospel tracts, Bibles, books, other tracts, and even copies of Catechism for Children, plus 1,200 t-shirts with patriotic pictures or Christian verses.  The line was long, and many thanked us for being there and doing this. Our many miles of travel had been from Tennessee, to Pennsylvania, New Jersey, then back to Tennessee again, and finally home.  Thank you for praying for us, as the Lord knew just where we were and the strength we needed to travel on.

            Gary has been in constant contact with Kenya and the work there.  We are so thankful that the construction on the Mukaini IPC sanctuary has continued.  Funds were given for cement to add a second ring beam to strengthen the walls, with additional funds for the rafters and corrugated roofing.  The pictures below show the progress that was made, with the help of your funds and prayers.  They called Gary so he could hear the last nails going in for the last piece of roofing.  A memorial fund has provided the money for doors and window bars, along with a few seats.  We just praise the Lord for how He is providing.

A recent call came in from Joel Musee, the young man Gary brought to the States for jaw surgery some 18 years ago. He had married early in the year and told us they have a baby boy!  Then he called back to thank Gary for bringing him to the States, and for Dr. Randy Robinson (now with the Lord) doing the surgery, realizing he would not have lived to either have a wife nor son, had this not happened.

            Please continue to pray for the SOME team, due to leave the States January 4th for Kenya.  Pray that each one will be able to raise their funds, as some are still lacking.  Also pray that Covid restrictions will ease sufficiently to allow the team to go.  As of now, each one needs a Covid test before going, and then one before returning.  Pray for open doors as the churches and people in our area there are awaiting the team’s arrival.  The team members will visit churches, encourage pastors with a pastor’s conference, teach in the Bethel Bible school, and the ladies with help in the Technical School. There are many Sunday School lessons to prepare and Vitamin A tablets to give out to school children.  Oh yes, there is also painting, working on school benches, and assorted maintenance jobs to do.

Last of all, we wanted to mention that Gary continues the Kids’ Bible Club here at our house. Some days we have two, while other days we have four. We are so happy to see these children wanting to learn stories from the Bible, memorizing verses, and learning catechisms for children.

Thank you for being part of the ministry by prayer, your financial help, and gifts to the work.  May God continue to bless you and give you a very Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry and Blessed Christmas.

Yours in His service, The Johnsons