Presenting Christ to Cambodia

March, 2022

Dear Prayer and Mission Co-workers,

     Greetings, with the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ. As we look back on the last two years we can say that they were very difficult years due to the coronavirus. The faith of some believers has been weakened, yet there are signs of a recent spiritual recovery. Now, every Lord’s Day we are able to hold regular worship services at both the Glory and Gospel churches; the Living Water Church only has a kindergarten service.  

     Although Living Water has only a temporary place for worship, it is well utilized. Brother Sithat and several Sunday School teachers from the Gospel Church go there to lead the children’s worship service. The construction of the chapel on church property has yet to be completed due to financial circumstances.

          Recently, some brothers and sisters were infected by COVID-19, but now they are all healed. We also contracted the virus, but thank the Lord we are slowly being restored to health.

On this coming Easter Sunday (April 17) we will baptize five high school students from the Gospel Church. And the following Sunday (April 24) Pastor Stephen will install deacons into the ministry.

Although they have flaws and are young in their faith, by appointing them as deacons, they will be able to serve the church well. We will do our best to work with them in serving and growing. When we may be absent from this ministry, or in another country, these men can preach and give oversight to the churches.

          This year, 30 children enrolled in the Gospel Kindergarten. Every day they come to learn English, arithmetic, Khmer, Gospel songs, and the Holy Bible – taught by three teachers. Sister Siew Chien also taught English to some primary school students.

          There is an “aunty” in the Gospel Church, whose name is Deeup. Her husband severely persecutes her. We think that her husband is suspicious about her faithfulness to him, so he doesn’t like her coming to church. Sometimes he hits her and grabs her Bible. But she reads God’s Word, sings the Gospel songs, and prays for God to help her. She is very faithful. Please remember the faith of this aunty and keep her in your prayers.

          We are planning to visit Korea in May. We need to have a health checkup once every two years, as our medical insurance requires. This is also an opportunity for Lydia to go to the Busan Gospel Hospital and have them check her liver cyst again.

May God bless you all richly.

In Christ,
Stephen and Lydia CHOI