Ministering for the Lord in Brazil, Cameroon & USA

May, 2022

“A continual dropping in a very rainy day and a contentious woman are alike.” (Proverbs 27:15)

 Dear Friends,

     You might find it odd that we put the above scripture in our prayer letter but it is one that we think applies to “The Fundamentalist.”  Our journal in Brazil is a continual dripping in a rainy day on those that have been receiving it these 13 years.  Drip, drip, drip.  We pray that the things we say in the journal will sink in after a while.  The majority of those that receive it have never actually requested it, but they get the hard copy in their hands twice a year and we pray they read it and take it to heart.


     We put out the Autumn 2022 issue of The Fundamentalist in March.  As usual, our printer mailed out 3,000 copies all over Brazil.  We have enclosed two pictures of the back page of the journal, which is what the people see as it goes out loose and folded in the mail.  We try to have a short article on the back cover that will catch people`s attention.  This one is “Churches Lovers of Pleasures.”  We want the postal employees to read some of it as well, and some do.  We try to have a picture on the back cover, especially of the ICCC and CIEF in Brazil.  In this picture we have Dr. Brad Gsell visiting Kenya.  The bottom of the back usually has a couple of pages of a picture tract in Portuguese with the gospel.  This one has a man lost and getting saved and then living for the Lord.  In Brazil, everyone claims to be a Christian but few live for the Lord.

     In this issue of The Fundamentalist we have an article entitled, “The ABC of the Life of Prayer of the People of God” by Jack Sin of the ICCC of Singapore.  We have pictures with this article of David Brainerd, George Washington, Daniel, and Moses illustrating prayer. 

     We have the continuing article of Dr. LeRoy on our “Protestant Heritage.”  The differences between Protestantism and Catholicism are shown.  There is an article on the birth of Christ by a Brazilian pastor of CIEF.  We put three more small pictures of Brad in Kenya as ICCC news.  Finally we have another continuing article on the differences between the received text (KJV, ACF) and the critical text (NIV, NVI).


     There is also the continuing saga of the pallet we told about in our last prayer letter.  It seems that for months it has been sitting in Montreal after having been sent from Philadelphia in December.  It is supposed to arrive in Antwerp on May 3.  We have a Christian agent with an agency named “Straightway” out of Michigan.  We used him when we sent two large containers to Cameroon and one smaller one to Brazil.  He said of this delay, “And nothing is going as things normally go for the past nine months.  Port congestion is delaying shipments worldwide.”

     Besides the delay, now the shipper is requiring an import number from Cameroon before the container can leave Antwerp.  We never had to have this before.  Usually the “bureaucratic scavenger hunt” only begins after the arrival in Cameroon.  Now they are starting it early.  We are now going up and down trying to get this number and in the end it will probably cost money.  Pray that the pallet will arrive in Cameroon soon and that it will be released from customs without much trouble and expense. 


     Ken continues to preach in Marcus Hook and Kingsville each month.  We are finishing our series on Revelation in Marcus Hook and are starting a series on II Kings in Kingsville (I just noticed that it`s appropriate to study Kings in Kingsville).  Praise the Lord that our door to door ministry in Kingsville has been very well attended with a dozen or so coming out to distribute tracts.  Each time we give out the better part of a 1,000 tracts.  Two men who have just started coming to the church have been going with us as well. 

     We attended Faith Presbytery meeting in Collingswood on March 25th .  The next two meetings are scheduled in Marcus Hook and Kingsville.  We also have two weddings coming up this year: Mark in July and Christina in October.  That will make all five of our children married.  The Rickers visited us in Smyrna during April.  We took them to the Air Mobility Command Museum at Dover AFB, which Hal’s grandsons really enjoyed.  We have enclosed a picture of this visit.  Praise the Lord He has healed us of Covid, colds, and spiking blood pressure the past couple of months.  We continue to thank all of you for your support and prayers.

                                                                                                                           In Christ,

                                                                                                                           Ken and Ira Olson