Ministering for the Lord in Brazil, Cameroon, USA

August, 2022

Dear Friends,

     The above scripture applies well to abortion.  The church should be involved in some way in the fight against abortion.  We recently had the good news that Roe vs Wade has been overturned.  Praise the Lord for this answer to the prayers and fights of 50 years.  There will still be abortion in the US but this decision will surely decrease the numbers.  The picture on the right is of Ken at the Delaware state capitol, addressing state abortion legislation just two weeks before the overturn.


           Just after we sent out the last copy of The Fundamentalist in March, we received the following letter from the President of the Trinitarian Bible Society of Brazil:

                  “Thank you for the copy of The Fundamentalist with the continuation of the article of          Pastor Campelo [an article defending the received text of the NT] and the advertising of the       ACF [Almeida Corrigida Fiel – the Bible version in Portuguese of the Trinitarian Bible         Society].

                  In the past five years more than 5 million copies of the ACF have gone out and more than       4 million have registered as users of the App of the Bible [ACF].  Your prayers and the          publication of The Fundamentalist helped produce this result.

                  To GOD be the honor and glory.”

           Also, we have had an attack on our bank account in Brazil.  We kept $8,000 in an account there in the Brazilian bank, Itaú. Those funds were to be used when we go back to Brazil, and also to pay bills there.  All of a sudden the bank closed our account with no explanation!  We have made numerous phone calls and sent many emails, just to be given the runaround.  Pray with us that   this will be resolved.  We may have to travel to Brazil soon to try to straighten this out in-person.  


            After seven months, we are continuing with the saga of the pallet of books.  Praise the Lord that back in May we finally got the import number we needed for the pallet to leave Antwerp (of course with the extra expense of $350).  The latest date for it to arrive in Cameroon was July 18.  We are still trying to find out from our friends there if it really arrived; but they have not answered.  We trust they are waiting to tell us when it gets through customs.  Pray please.   


              Ken continues to preach two or three weeks each month in our two BP churches at Kingsville and Marcus Hook.  We also continue to go door-to-door in both places once a month, giving out hundreds of gospel tracts.  We have enclosed a picture of our typical door-to-door group in Kingsville.  We participated in a Memorial Day parade in Marcus Hook and gave out hundreds of tracts and packets.  

              Ira helped with two local Summer Bible Schools in June and July.  Our daughter, Priscilla, was the director of one of them.  That is always something close to our hearts, as Ken was saved in a Summer Bible School in Columbus, OH. 

              Preparations are already ongoing for the International Council of Christian Churches World Congress, to be held in Collingswood, NJ, next June from the 21st to the 28th.  Be sure to mark your calendars for this, and plan to attend if you are able.

              There is also a picture, below, of Ira with Mark and his new wife, Lydia.  We went to Florida in July for the wedding which Ken performed.  We only have one child left unmarried, Christina, who will be getting married in Delaware in October.  Continue to pray for our granddaughter, Leah.  Praise the Lord, the cancer has stopped spreading, but some is still there.  Hopefully the radioactive iodine treatments will continue to work.  

              Friends, thanks again for all your prayers and support that make this work possible.

                                                                                                                           In Christ,

                                                                                                                            Ken and Ira Olson