Serving the Lord in Guatemala

October, 2022

Greetings to our Mission Partners in Christ,

            We begin by thanking you for your unceasing prayers for our ministry and family. Let us also remember in our prayers the regions of Florida and Mexico where people continue to suffer as a result of the recent hurricanes. Although we have not experienced the hardships many other believers have gone through because of weather, natural disasters, or other difficult situations, we do pray for them to know that God is present, and many prayer warriors are also with them.

Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ” (Galatians 6:2).

Zion Middle School classes for 2022 have been conducted in-person and on-line, and as we write there is only a week until final exams and the semester’s end. Poor academic performance due to non-face-to-face classes seems to be a challenge that all students must overcome on their own.

The Saturday Graduate English Class has been conducted face-to-face. During weekdays we visit the students’ homes to encourage them. And we would like to share some of their stories.

            Pamela is 15 years-old and has moved from Patzicia to an area called Pasun. It takes more than 50 minutes by car, not counting the time to walk from her house to a bus stop, and then to Zion School. Yet she attends the English class without fail. Her single mother is exceptionally passionate about a language education, so she encourages Pamela not to miss the classes. Pamela attends a high school, but it’s a fairly long distance by walking. We provided her with a bike from the support of the Seapoom Church in Canada. Kindly pray for Pamela to persist in her goal to be a psychiatrist. Pictured here is Caleb, Pamela, her mother and brother, at the presentation of the bicycle.

            Daily lives close to Zion and is studying hard to apply to the Department of Nutrition next year. She wants to apply to San Carlos National University in Guatemala City. San Carlos is a national university, so tuition is very cheap, but the transportation from Patzicia to the city is very expensive. Although there is a nearby branch of the university, the Department of Nutrition classes are only taught in Guatemala City. Even though additional transportation costs are incurred, her parents are fully supportive of Daily’s plan. They earn money by farming vegetables. Please pray that Daily will pass the exam and have what is needed for her university studies.

            Cindy was accepted to the Department of Agricultural Economics at the National University of San Carlos in Chimaltenango. She is a very cheerful and energetic student who actively helps in every-thing and is doing well in her studies. Please pray for her to continue her education with such a good attitude.

            The three young people who shared their stories with us need our prayers and support. Brethren in the Lord, we share this with you to pray together and share in their burdens. As we saw in Galatians 6:2, we believe that the heavy burdens of these young people are not solely theirs, but ours too, because we are children of God. Please remember them in your prayers.

Family News is a matter of thanks for your prayers and concern for Joshua over the past years. Finally, after completing all his studies and passing his thesis and exam, he graduated on October 15th. He majored in Business Management at Odisee University, in Brussels. Now, he has one year to look for a job in Belgium. Now you may say that it is an ordinary college graduation. But the reason we are overflowing with many thanks to God, with joy, is that nothing seems to be ordinary and simple while raising a child. We thank you again for your prayers. Surely the challenges and obstacles will continue to come his way, so we pray continually for Joshua to remember God’s presence and guidance in every step of his walk and job search. So, please do pray for him.

            Also, pray for God’s protection while driving and meeting people here in Guatemala, especially in this rainy season as there are many exposed dangers on the road. Please pray for safety as there is the danger of sinkholes on the road near Chimaltenango.

            It is not easy to win the friendship and trust of the youth. There will be more gaps when you are from a different culture. However, we have the Lord who teaches us how to love, so we want to love them following His word and command. Dear brethren, as the Lord said, “Love one another as I have loved you” (John 15:12). We should practice this kind of love wherever we are and whatever we do. We believe that our burdens will be lighter if we carry one another’s burdens.

                                                                                                            In His endless love,
                                                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Il Kang