Presenting Christ to Cambodia

December, 2022

Dear prayer and mission co-workers,

          As we write, we pray that the grace, peace, and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ will overflow upon our beloved prayer and mission co-workers.

          Looking back on 2022, we first give thanks and glory to the Lord. We opened our own Vacation Bible School at three churches this past November and finished it well. There were

12-13 teachers who put their minds together and joined forces to hold VBS at three churches, and it was a good opportunity to preach the gospel, teach, and learn the Bible. This Vacation Bible School was very meaningful in that our teachers planned and executed it all, for the first time, without any outside help.

            First of all, Sister Ban Siev Chien, who guided and taught the teachers, played a big role. We couldn’t really do anything without her –but she volunteered to lead the way. Most of our teachers are high school and university students. On weekdays we did not have time to get together, so we usually gathered on Sunday evenings and practiced various programs for 2-3 hours. We also prepared dinner in advance and ate together after practice. The VBS at each church was divided into morning and afternoon sessions, so it was conducted all day.

          At the Living Water Church in Dang-dong, all the teachers taught while sweating with the scorching heat. Since the Living Water Church still does not have a building for worship, we still invited the children and adults to meet on the property. For the adults of the village, we had prepared a rather nice gift for them. Others also came and participated, so they could receive a gift also. We are earnestly praying that they will often enter the church gate and come to know Jesus.

          Yes, we are praying for the church to be built on this land. Some brothers and sisters will continue to give their small building offering. We are praying, without ceasing, for this construction to be done in the Lord’s time.

          Now our teachers are again working hard as a team to rehearse for the Christmas celebration program. Although the overseas mission team is not coming this year, an elder and his wife from the Living Praise Church in Singapore, and a sister from Glory Church in Seoul, will personally visit to encourage our ministry. Elder Gabriel and his wife came from Singapore on the 13th and stayed with us at the Gospel Church for eight days. We worked together. On the 22nd, Sister Kim Hyun Jeng will come from Seoul and will also stay for eight days.

          We would ask you for more prayers for our health. In particular, please pray for the healing of Lydia. Because of the abnormal enlargement of her liver, certain organs are pressing against other organs, creating discomfort. She is now taking some herbal medicines and having physical therapy at home using ultrasound.

          In closing, we thank you all dear co-workers, who always pray and help in the Cambodian mission field. We pray that the Lord will bless you all, without limit.

                                                                                             In Christ,

                                                                                          Stephen and Lydia CHOI