Ministering for the Lord in Cameroon • Brazil • USA

February, 2023

Dear Friends,

              The truth of the above scripture has been once again brought home by the recent sudden death of Mrs. Vicky Britton, who was a pillar in the churches of Marcus Hook and Kingsville.  It is a good reminder that we are not guaranteed tomorrow.  Providentially, the back cover story of our last issue of The Fundamentalist was the poem by C.T. Studd, that says, “Only one life will soon be past, only what`s done for Christ will last.”  What is important to each one of us on the day after our death is exactly that – what was our relationship to Christ and what did we do for Him?

              In this prayer letter we will let three people from Cameroon and three from Brazil, tell of our ministry from recent letters.


           Olama, the director of the seminary in Cameroon, who received the pallet of books said, “Words fail me to express my joy and gratitude for all that you have done.  It is a proof of the love of the Lord for me in the work that he has confided in me.  I am as in a dream in seeing all these boxes in my tiny office.  God is great!”

              Ewolo, one of our former Bible Club and English class students, who is now the Special Advisor to the Chief of Staff of the UN Mission in South Sudan, wrote, “I want to take this opportunity to say thank you for what you have done in my childhood.  The Word of God you taught us was a seed that grew in our lives and is now producing fruits.  Thanks for the inspiration and opportunities.”

              Guy, who reads our journal from Brazil wrote, “Thanks for your newspaper.  I read the last one you published.  It was very good.  Worshipping has become something that is more from the world and also to satisfy the flesh.”

              We have enclosed pictures from Cameroon. The first is a pastor from the North of Cameroon (which is majority Muslim) receiving books and tracts; the second is the Children’s Evening Sunday School at the seminary, where people have been receiving things from the pallet.


              Robson, who sent me the poem by C.T. Studd and who also received a box of books from us when we left Brazil wrote, “I have until today, the precious books that you sent me and they have been a great tool in these days of apostasy.”

              Marcelo wrote, “I enjoyed the journal, as it is always speaking of pertinent themes.  I give the journal (online) as soon as I receive it to …”

              The pastor of a liberal church to whom we sent the journal wrote, “Please don’t send any more of this Fundamentalist trash to us.”  We can see some of the journal’s importance upholding fundamentalism by the negative comments we receive.  

              Our last issue (September, 2022)  included articles entitled, Vote with Discernment, PCA Leaves the NAE, Protestant Heritage, The Communicable Attributes of God, Attributes of the Biblical Disciple, and In Defense of the Word of God.  We also ran a full-page advertisement for the upcoming ICCC Congress in Collingswood, NJ.


           We continue to minister and go door-to-door in Marcus Hook and Kingsville.  Ken preached the funeral of Mrs. Vicky Britton to a standing-room-only crowd at the funeral home in Media, PA.  We are continuing with preparations for the upcoming Congress in Collingswood, which is scheduled for June 21-28.

              You will see below that we have enclosed a picture of Christina’s wedding, with all of our children (on the left) along with the bride and groom.  She was the last of our children to get married.  

              Pray for our son Luke.  He has his heart operation scheduled for March 1 in Miami.  He had been told that he needed open-heart surgery to repair his aorta and valve.  Providentially, he found a surgeon who can do it without the typical open-heart operation, but with only just a four-inch incision. 

              Finally, continue to pray for granddaughter Leah.  She is receiving a new type of treatment that specifically targets her type of cancer.  

              Thanks again for all of your prayers, gifts, and support. As always, you make this ministry possible. 

                                                                                                                            In Christ,

                                                                                                                            Ken and Ira Olson