Ministering for the Lord in Cameroon • Brazil • USA

May, 2023

Dear Friends,

              The above scripture from Christ’s high priestly prayer urges all true believers to have at least some unity between themselves, recognizing others as true Christians.  This unity, first of all, must be built upon the truth of God’s Word.  This unity is different from the unity of the World Council of Churches, which preaches a unity at the expense of the truth.  

World Congress of the International Council of Christian Churches (ICCC)

              The ICCC promotes this unity between Bible believers, which is built upon the truth of God’s Word.  Believers from all over the world will be assembling in Collingswood, NJ for this upcoming 21st World Congress, from June 21 to 28.  They will be encouraging one another, recognizing that we are not saved to be “Lone Rangers.”  This will also be the 75th Anniversary Congress, since the ICCC was founded in 1948.

              We are very involved in the planning and preparations for the Congress.  Ken is the General Secretary and is in charge of lodging and transportation.  At this point, we have about 200 already registered for the Congress.  We are setting up a dormitory to house foreign delegates who have limited resources.  We will provide transportation to and from the Philadelphia airport, as well as  to and from the hotels.  Praise the Lord for those who have stepped up to help in this area.  Ken has also been doing some painting at the Collingswood church in preparation for the Congress.

              A problem we have had is that many of our foreign delegates have had their US visas denied.  We wrote to our US Senator from Delaware, Tom Carper, and he answered that he would try to help.  Ken has been busy this past week getting files together from the delegates who have had visa troubles and forwarding them to Senator Carper`s office.  Pray that we would get the visas.  

              Unfortunately, people from other countries are generally more interested in this Christian unity among Bible believers than people in the USA.  The IBPFM has always been very involved in the ICCC.  We have experience in organizing a Congress back in 2012 when we helped host one in Brazil.  We hope to have four delegates from Cameroon at this Congress.  On the right are some of the delegates at our Congress in Brazil in 2012.  On the back is the 2020 Congress in Chile.


              We continue to prepare and distribute our journal, The Fundamentalist, twice a year.  We just put out the fall edition, which went out all over Brazil, about which we will talk more in our next prayer letter.  Suffice it to say that the lead article is entitled, “Globalist Leaders Reveal Their Plans.”  It shows that the plan is to have a global data base of every person on the planet, along with a digital currency.  This makes it a small step for the antichrist to have total control of who buys and sells. 


              Ken is still preaching two or three times each month at Kingsville and Marcus Hook.  Ken also was able to speak at the Collingswood church for their Missions Sunday recently. The Kingsville church hosted Faith Presbytery in March.

              We appreciate your prayers for both Luke and Leah.  God has answered those prayers.   Luke had his big operation in March and we drove down to Florida to be with him and his family just after the operation.  Providentially, we were in Florida at the same time as the funeral of longtime BP pastor, Dr. James L. Blizzard, which Ken was then able to attend.  

              Luke was able to find a surgeon who did robotic surgery, and not open-heart surgery, with just an eight-inch incision.  He has been recovering well and went back to work much sooner than had been expected, even though he still has some pain.  Below is a picture of Luke with Ira, and his baby, soon after the operation.

              Leah’s cancer is not spreading but a little seems to be still there.  She is having another round of radioactive iodine.  

              Brethren, thank you for all of your prayers and support.  See you at the ICCC Congress in June.

                                                                                                                            In Christ’s service,

                                                                                                                            Ken and Ira Olson