Presenting Christ to Cambodia

October, 2023

Dear Prayer and Mission Co-workers,

           Thank you, prayer and mission co-workers, for your support for our Glory Church’s inaugural service that was on the Lord’s Day, September 17th. On this day, Pastor SUN Sokha was officially installed as the new Pastor, and Stephen as the Pastor Emeritus (pictured above), in front of God and all the members of Glory Bible Presbyterian Church. We are thankful that all who participated in the service did so with hearts of gratitude and joy, by the great grace of the Lord.

          By now, the pastors, elders, and deacons who came from far away have all returned home and we have some free-time. All the things that God does cannot be comprehended by human thought or accomplished with man’s hands and feet. If God wants it and is pleased with it, no one can dare stop it. It is to His glory.

          This great and surprising matter is not limited to just this inauguration ceremony, but we see God’s perfect will proceeding continuously. Now, the Holy Spirit is leading us to lay down all our ministries of Glory Bible Presbyterian Church, and the burdens of our heavy hearts.

          We continue to care for the Gospel Bible Presbyterian Church, and the Living Water Bible Presbyterian Church, as an unborn child. Living Water needs our support and help too. Back on September 24th we had declared that we would leave Glory Church in order to serve at the Gospel Church. Starting on that day, the two of us, and Sister BAN Siev Chien, left Glory Church.

          Over the past nine years, it has been very hard for the Gospel Church to hold their 3:00PM worship services because of the extreme afternoon heat. So, on October 1st, we opened the Sunday School at 8:00AM. Many children came from the villages and our teachers taught the Word of God with joy. The youth and adult service was at 10:00AM. After that service we had lunch together with all church members. By the afternoon, the teachers went to the Living Water property and held a 2:30PM worship service, with many village children attending (see below). What a blessing this was.

          We believe that the Glory BPC will faithfully stand on its own. Now, we pray that the Gospel BPC will be able to care for the Living Water BPC. One couple from the Living Praise Church in Singapore asked us why we left the Glory Church. Well, we replied: “It is difficult to explain this matter, because a Pastor Emeritus has no position and no service in the Glory Bible Presbyterian Church. If this is the case, it would be better for us to go to the Gospel Church to shepherd those sheep. We previously lived at the Glory Church, but can now move to the Gospel Church, which has guest rooms where we can live. The focus of our ministry has now moved to that church, and all our efforts can now be concentrated with the Gospel.”

          Brethren, please continue to pray for God’s will to be accomplished through you and us. Thank you.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   In Christ,

                                                                                Stephen and Lydia CHOI