Serving the Lord in East Africa

September, 2023

“Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it:                                                       except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh [but] in vain.” – Psalm 127:1

Dear co-laborers in Christ,

            Greetings in the blessed name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

            The Lord gave our family an opportunity to visit our home and have fellowship with family in July. It is always refreshing and encouraging to be with a culture and people with whom we are most familiar. We thank

God for this provision and blessed time with our family and friends. On the other hand, there are always

burdens with every visit as we see how our parents get old and their health becomes a concern. These concerns are always with us. Do pray for the families of your missionaries back home. 

            We’d also like to share some specific prayer requests in this letter, and begin with Judith Collins. As many of you have heard, in April she had a stroke. By God’s grace we were able to get her to the hospital, one of the best hospitals in Kenya. However, the expectation was different when compared to  facilities at home. For the first two weeks, her situation was of real concern; it was really hard for us to see her struggle in the hospital. Eben was listed as the “next of kin” and was asked to sign the Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment. But God was gracious as He heard the prayers of His people all over the world. From the worst scenario, she steadily improved and later was discharged from the hospital. It was really unexpected. Now, we thank God for her improvement. We were emotionally overwhelmed when she closed her eyes for a prayer in our last visit. Still, she has a long way to go. Yet, God is merciful as we seek His will. Therefore, let us continually pray for her and her rehabilitation. Also, pray for financial support as the facilities and medications in Kenya are not as cheap as many people assume.           Additionally, will you also pray for Rev. Stephen Omweri? He has been a pastor to the Maasai people. No, he is not from the Maasai tribe, but the Lord called him to be there. In fact, ministering to a tribe that is not your own can be very similar to working as a missionary. And yes, he has been very faithful all these years and the church and community appreciates his effort in the Word of God. He had brain surgery about ten years ago; the Lord provided the means to send him to Korea. Now the tumor has returned, and this time, he is not able to travel to Korea. We are praying for him to have surgery in Kenya. Therefore, please pray for all the preparation, the actual surgery, and then his rehabilitation.

            As was mentioned about the economy in our last prayer letter, the situation in Kenya is not very good at all. Everything is getting more expensive, and people are struggling with economic instability. To add to this, security is becoming real issue. The news tells us that there is a great increase in crime in Kenya. And what I am about to share is what we actually experienced. While we were in Korea in August, there were two incidents with a young boy coming on the compound and stealing someone’s belongings. He used the southside of the campus, cut wires, and got out between the fence grills. Then, 10 days ago, there were men who attempted to come to our compound over the fence on the northside of the campus, near the ladies’ dormitory. And a week ago, another man actually came to the college, but ran away before he entered one building. Thank God that these were not successful as both incidents were caught, one by a campus watchman and the other by female students. People are generally saying that the situation will be worse in December during term break. Therefore, we are seeking your prayer so that the college can be protected by His grace.


      The drought situation is not as severe because of recent rains, but the economic situation is still very challenging. Due to the high US dollar value, everything is getting more expensive. As it was mention in our last prayer letter, the price for maize flour and sugar are still very high.

      · Pray for the continuing drought in Kenya and the country’s economic stability.

      · Pray for security.

BCEA (Bible College of East Africa) 

      · Pray for all colleges in Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania.

      · Pray for the graduation of BCEA Kenya on 25 November.

      · Pray for graduates in the ministry. (Many are struggling because of the poor economy.)

      · Pray for a visa for international students.

      · Pray for our teachers for wisdom and strength.

      · Pray for Eben as he teaches Christology, Eschatology, the Book of Revelation, Synoptic Problem,

         Tabernacle, and Homiletic Practice next term.

BCEA Campus Church

      · Pray for the worship service every Lord’s Day.

      · Pray for the choirs and various fellowship groups.

      · Pray for the church membership.

      · Pray for the candidates for baptism and infant baptism        in December.

The Yoon Family

      · Pray for provision and protection.

      · Pray for MKs, for their studies and their spiritual life.

      · Pray for Haeun’s study in the US.

      · Pray for Eben and Mijung, for spiritual and physical strength. 

      Although there is less availability of updated medical technology, and although there are some problems with security, we are still thankful to be in Kenya. We thank God for the privilege of serving Him. Therefore, please join us in our ministry with your prayers. As God watches and provides, and as you pray, we shall serve the Lord

                                                                                                In Christ,

                                                                       Eben, Mijung, Haeun, Hajin, Hahyun, and Hael