Serving the Lord in Guatemala

August, 2023

Dear prayer partners in Christ,

            Hebrews 11:1 declares that, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Faith is confidence in God, who exists and who fulfills His promises. The Christian school establishment project in Patzicia is based on this faith in God. It is invisible now, but until the day when it will be realized and revealed through faith, please join us in prayers and support for the project.

English and Bible Program

            Most middle school graduates from Patzicia go on to high school in Chimaltenango, a little larger city about 30 minutes travel by car. There are high schools in Patzicia, but many students choose schools in Chimaltenango due to the wider range of class choices and better environments. As part of our expansion of the English and Bible program, we are visiting several public high schools in Chimaltenango to see whether we can have this program with them. There are schools that operate dormitories, so we are asking if we can offer them such a class as an after-school program. Depending on the principal in charge, several possibilities may be available. Please pray for God’s provision to meet a principal who can offer us an opportunity to share the Gospel and teach English. On the way to Chimaltenango there are roads under construction, which cause heavy traffic and accidents. Please pray for our safety as we travel on these roads.

            There are 18 students participating in the English and Bible Program every Saturday. There are students who need to work on Saturdays due to family circumstances, so the number has decreased since the class started.  Currently we have three classes. It is difficult to expect their English level to improve with just one class a week, but in the case of our Level 2 class students, who have been together for three years, they have improved a lot, and we hope that the Word of God shared every week has helped them grow spiritually too. These young students need encouragement to not give up. Please pray for them to be comforted and strengthened by God’s Word and to have more opportunities in the future through this English education.

            Please pray for Brandon, a student in Level 1 Class. Brandon, a freshman in high school, is having a hard time with his mother who has terminal cancer. Caleb visited him and comforted him through prayers and fellowship. A bicycle provided by the Seapoom Church of Canada, was delivered to encourage him. Your continued interest, prayers, and support are needed for the youth in Patzicia. (Right is Brandon and his father)

San Lorenzo

            Caleb visited San Lorenzo last month in order to donate sanitary pads to the youth (see our last prayer letter). That was the second time for this project. There were not many gathered this time because we didn’t inform them in advance. Caleb visited house to house to hand over the pads and had a chance to talk with the graduates of San Lorenzo Elementary School. Most of them hoped to go to middle school, but they had to give up due to their family situation, which finds the children are needed to do housework and farming. The location, also, is too far from the city where the middle school is located. Parents are not willing to send their children to school for more than an elementary school education, which is compulsory, so we have been sharing with them the importance of a higher education. While emphasizing the importance of middle school education to reduce the economic and social disparities faced by people in mountainous areas, who speak only the Mayan language rather than Spanish, much is needed to overcome the situational difficulties. Pray for these situations in San Lorenzo, so that gradual improvement can be achieved through your prayers and God’s grace.

Family news

            While Joshua works part-time in Belgium, he is looking for full-time work. The visa extension he received is until October. Please pray for God’s guidance and provision for him. We pray that this will be a time for him to experience the blessings of God, who always fulfills His promises.

            Due to the continuous rainy season, roads are washed away, and sinkholes occur, so it takes more than twice as long to drive to Patzicia. Sometimes we cannot get through and return back home. Rainy season lasts until October, so the road conditions may even get worse. Please pray for safety in driving.

            As time goes on, sometimes we become impatient. We don’t know what we are nervous about, but there are many moments when we feel like we must walk quickly. There is a song in the heart that resounds in that moment: Turn your eyes upon Jesus. Look full, in his wonderful face. And the things of earth will grow strangely dim, In the light of his glory and grace. (Helen H. Lemmel, 1922)

            Dear prayer partners, if our eyes are fixed on the Lord, no matter where we stand in our lives, the Lord will touch us and heal us, and the chronic “issues” that plagues us will go away.

            Praise the Lord who has given us strength to fix our eyes upon Him and God bless all of you, our prayer partners in Christ, to fix your eyes upon Him.

                                                                                                            In His endless love,
                                                                                                            Caleb and Debra Kang